Page 32 - HEF Pen & Ink 2023
P. 32

By Multiple Authors
Meeting new ones, another door opening with each
Revealer of emotion unable to hide
Crows feet perched on the peak of a deep, clear lake
Watching the creativity of the world
I look into my mom’s tired, yet kind, sharp blue, full of so much love Broken, but fixable with care
The way they glimmer and gleam like the sun when it caresses the sea Windows to the soul that leak emotions
Windows to the soul for loved ones to peer in
She was breathing through what allowed her to see
Changing like days, flowing like tides, sparkling like stars deeper than space Sparkling, dancing, wandering, confusing and often concerning Seeking the joys of people
Glistening like the soft dance of waves in the sunlight
Each set a different variation of the purest colors of Earth
Kind, yet tired, bright and blue, peaceful when closed, always being used Eyes
Art by Mia Brinton
Editors Note: Each line of this piece was composed by a member of Sue Stone’s 5th period AP Literature class. The lines were then randomly placed together, and it produced this beautiful piece.

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