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A place for wild spirits who love where they live. Surrounded by open lands and rich history, we care for this community and its resources. We’re thrilled to share our love of this place with you.
When you come to play and stay, you frequent some of our favorite spots and support local business owners, and we love that. When you bunk down in a Helena hotel, you contribute to community-building and preservation efforts.
So, thanks for contributing to this place. We’re glad you’re here. Now, let us show you around. @visithelenamontana
@iknowhelena @visithelena8047
  Helena Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention & Visitors Bureau
225 N Cruse
406-442-4120 Monday–Thursday, 8 AM–5 PM Friday, 8 AM–12 PM
Helena Regional Airport
28 Mercer Loop Open Daily
Visit Helena
105 Reeder’s Alley 406-449-2107 Monday–Friday, 9 AM–5 PM
The Official 2023 Helena Area Visitor Guide is produced, printed, and distributed with Accommodation Tax. Printed on recycled paper in the USA for free distribution.
Cover photo by: Jacob J McEachern

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