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This public policy manual has been compiled to communicate to our members, elected officials, and decision makers where the Helena Area Chamber of Commerce stands on numerous issues important to the business community. Each policy area includes a short explanation of each issue along with our stated position and our recommendations to lawmakers.
The Helena Area Chamber of Commerce represents businesses from the greater Helena area. We act as the voice for business and are committed to ensuring a favorable economic, legal, and regulatory climate for the Helena Area business community. Each policy position we have taken has been carefully vetted by our board. Our mission is to publicly support policies that will protect our member business needs and facilitate economic growth in our community. We hope that you will take the time to become engaged in these issues and, in turn, communicate with your elected representatives.
At all levels of government, well-intentioned initiatives often have unintended consequences. Without input from the business community, these initiatives could adversely impact the ability of businesses to stay healthy, generate jobs and create higher standards of living. However, when business leaders communicate with their elected officials, better public policies result.
We hope that you will find this public policy manual useful. To accomplish our many legislative objectives, it is essential that the local business community becomes engaged in the issues and active in communicating our positions to our elected officials.
  Bob Heberly
Dick Anderson Construction 2021 Board Chair 441-3536
Cathy Burwell
Chamber President/CEO 447-1942
Brent Rehm
D.A. Davidson Govt. Affairs Chair 442-9600
  2021 Chair-Elect: Byron Stahly (Stahly Engineering)
2021 Immed. Past Chair: Sara Medley (Mtn.-Pacific Quality Health)
443-4020 442-4933 441-3536
447-1941 447-1945 442-4120 442-4120 442-4120
Ronda Wiggers
Chamber Lobbyist (406) 899-5659
   Cathy Burwell
Bob Heberly
2021 Board Chair
Brent Rehm
2021 Govt. Affairs Chair
2021 Treasurer:
Mike Mergenthaler - Joey Berndt-
Katie Nichols - Kristin Chaney- McKinley Winkle -
Callie Aschim (Home2 Suites)
V. President/Director of Programs & Tourism Membership Director
Marketing & Communications Director Office and Events Assistant
Helena WINS Workforce Director

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