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The Helena Area Chamber of Commerce supports economic development initiatives that will make Helena area businesses stronger, healthier and more prosperous. The Chamber supports business by encouraging and playing a key role in economic development. The Chamber will support economic development policies that are aimed to encourage business investment and improve business productivity.
Preserve the right of individuals to freely own, use, and transfer real property with the ability to pass property from generation to generation without taxation or penalty.
Government Competition/Administrative Policies: The Chamber supports business and will support bills in opposition of government competition.
Quality of Life: While the Chamber recognizes the need to protect our environment and ensure public health, as a business advocate, we also must recognize the basic value of business and industry in maintaining and furthering our high quality of life. The Helena Area Chamber recognizes and supports the need for reasonable environmental laws and regulations at all levels. Many local businesses have been leaders in not only complying with but also going beyond the environmental requirements imposed upon them. The Chamber stresses that there needs to be a well-reasoned and objective balance between the estimated public gain of implementing new environmental requirements and the real cost to business and society in complying with them.
Stay informed with what is happening with your Helena Chamber and local, state, and federal issues. Members can designate their preference to receive our e- communications on advocacy. Contact the chamber at if you are not receiving them. The Chamber will keep you informed on legislative updates, business news, tourism, or special programs.
Join the Chamber for events where the business community engages in discussion related to issues. We can also make presentations to your staff, board, or service club. We value your input!
Being located in the Capital City has its advantages and your voice as a business person is powerful. We encourage you to contact your legislators and local elected officials – your engagement can make a difference!
1. Bill is introduced in House or Senate – chamber of origin (1st reading)
2. Bill is assigned to a committee.
3. Bill is heard in committee and a)passes as is or with amendments b)fails
by a vote of the committee
4. Bill returns to the floor for potential amendments & engrossment (2nd
5. Bill passes chamber of origin (3rd reading)
6. Bill repeats the process in second chamber.
7. If all these steps do not occur, the bill dies
8. If bill completes process w/o amendment in 2nd chamber, the bill is sent
to the Governor.
9. If bill is amended in the 2nd chamber, but its author & a majority of the
chamber of origin approve the changes, the bill is sent to the Governor.
10. If the originating chamber doesn’t agree with the amendments, a
conference committee is appointed.
11. Conferees from both chambers negotiate changes to the bill – if they
reach a majority agreement on a conference report, the report passes the House & Senate Rules Committees, and receives a majority vote in both chambers, the bill is sent to the Governor. If all these steps aren’t successful, the bill dies.

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