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           K-12 EDUCATION
The Chamber supports business involvement in all aspects of public education, and partnering with public education at all levels. Specifically, we support expansion of vocational training opportunities. Further, the Chamber supports funding education on a formula that will benefit small and large school districts. We feel that funding should be based on current ANB count, either actual or estimated.
We support a basic entitlement that distributes funds on either a per school building or on a per pupil basis. The Chambers also support local control of the expenditure of funds and curriculum content. We encourage business involvement in all aspects of public education, including business partnering with public education at all levels.
We also support funding for students who turn 19 and are still in school as well as supporting the raising of the dropout age from 16 to 18. The business community is a stakeholder in the quality of public education. Public education has the responsibility to prepare well-educated graduates who are ready to continue their education or enter the workforce. Finally, we support efforts to increase graduation rates from our public schools.
The Chamber supports quality, affordable higher education options, designed to educate and prepare the workforce needed to support the growth and vitality of Montana’s businesses, now and into the future. In particular, the Chambers support an effective, accessible, and affordable workforce education and training system, and value our partnerships with local two-year colleges, community colleges, and tribal colleges who play a critical role in our combined efforts to grow, attract, and retain high-quality workers in our communities.
The Chamber supports continued investments in campus facilities and infrastructure, modernization of programs, and maintaining affordability for Montana resident students. We support campuses retaining funds generated from research efforts and administrative savings.
The Chamber leads local workforce development initiatives and partner in state and regional economic development efforts. We believe investing in the education of Montanans is paramount to ensuring the health and well-being of our communities. As our workforce ages and retirements increase, we must have skilled, knowledgeable workers ready to enter the workforce. Local businesses need affordable options to train and upskill their workforce. Access to higher education – especially through two-year institutions – provides efficient and effective options to meet these objectives.
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