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DIY Hand Sanitizer
1 tbsp aloe vera
1/4 tbsp witch hazel
2 tbsp rubbing alcohol (70% or 91%)
1 tsp wintergreen essential oil 1/2 tsp peppermint essential oil Small squeeze bottles
Directions: In a small bowl, add in the aloe vera, witch hazel, and rubbing alcohol. Stir until mixed together. Add in the oils, mix around a little (don’t worry about it being 100%combined at this point). Add all of this to a squeeze bottle. It will  ll one of these to the very top. Remember that oils will settle, so always give it a little shake before use.
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Consider a VPN
If your company does not use a Virtual
Private Network (VPN) consider investing in your own.This software secures your network to reduce your risk of a hack. Popular services include NordVPN and ExpressVPN.
Watch Out For Fake Emails!
Hackers often target individuals first with personalizedd fake emails, or phishing emails. Before you act:
Review the Sender’s Email Address:
It may look like a message from your bank or a colleague, but a misspelled or incorrect email address indicates it’s fake.
Hover, Not Click:
Place your cursor over the link to read the URL. An unrecognizable site is a big red  ag, so don’t click it.
Check the Tone:
Urgent, fearful messages requiring immediate action and a deadline are typically fake – even if they loo like they’re from a co-worker.
Report It:
Notify your IT department immediately of the message following company protocol.
Trust Your Real Estate Professional
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- Nadine Kirk, 303-941-4221
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