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April Showers Bring
May Flowers
By Lana Paul, Lighting The Way Certi ed Grief Recovery Specialist
It is so new and we have no personal life experience to draw from and the changes are traumatic. The trauma is felt both individually and collectively and can be con- fusing and con icting. We do however, have personal life experience with grieving because our entire lives we have had changes in what is our familiar. Grief is the byproduct of any trauma including the pandemic trauma. Unresolved grief interferes with our quality of life including in relationships, business and reaching goals and can create anxiety and depression.
The missing link is having effective tools to actually recover from grief which allows it to begin to take up space inside affecting our current and future lives. I am trying to say that unresolved grief is cumulative.
The pandemic is taking us on a journey and likewise our grief recovery needs to match the journey. Otherwise we will not only pay once (which is now) but for years to come (our futures) and this is a price I am unwilling to pay. It’s a choice I am making.
In case you want to join me, I have 2 tips to share today. The  rst tip is knowledge, that time alone is not going to heal your heart. Our numbness may be diminishing but the un nished business is still inside.
The second tip is to do a brain dump by writing down all your thoughts/ feelings from your brain to paper.
From my heart to yours. We can get through this together.
Lighting the Way offers grief recovery services through an online platform. Click this ad to connect with Lana.
Ahhhh.... Doesn’t that just sound beautiful and lovely! April brought us many things besides a little bit of rain. It has been interesting to say the very least. Who would have thought a pandemic would occur in our lifetime?
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