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An Ode To
Native Plants
Native Desert 4-O’clocks bloom summer through fall.
We all know that
the Front Range can be
a challenge for growing
many popular plants
and that in order to
successfully grow those
plants, we must quench
their thirst on a regular basis. But did you also know: Many native plants will thrive with only an occasional drink from your garden hose—or even on natural precipitation only. Once established, many native plants not only need less water, they may require less care, are more resistant to “garden” pests and diseases and can be as attractive as some of the “alien” plants so readily available in many garden centers.
Be sure to select plants appropriate for your soil, the amount of sun/shade required, and wind. Large rocks, protected areas, and locations that make use of run-off from downspouts (a rain garden) all present unique opportunities in the garden. Areas like median strips and south-fac- ing slopes present an opportunity for gardens with plants suited to drier, more exposed condi- tions. As with any new plantings, weed control is crucial. Aggressive weeds, left unchecked, will overwhelm your new plants. Most natives do not grow well in highly amended soil, and they prefer quickly draining rock mulch and a well drained site. New plantings will need extra water, especially for the  rst several weeks, and extending over the  rst growing season after which water can be cut back, referring to the speci c requirements of the plants selected.
Watering Hours: May–September You may water before 8am & after 8pm
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