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Pet Waste Removal Service
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the bone. Dr. Eppard and her staff nursed him back to health over three months in their hospital. It took an additional three months to get the skin
to cover the bones of his elbows. Thankfully, Dylan got his happy ending. Today, he lives with Dr. Eppard on acreage in Elizabeth and runs and plays like a normal,
healthy dog.
What happened to this young dog in a
shelter’s care was beyond horri c. House Bill 21-1160, Socially Conscious Sheltering can help prevent this lack of care by requiring the shelters and rescues to address the medical issues of animals in their care who will bene t from immediate attention to relieve pain and suffering.
When you donate to the Dumb Friends League, you help change the lives of homeless and neglected pets. From bringing in and caring for more than 20,000 animals annually to providing spay/neuter services for over 25,000 dogs and cats, your donation helps make a di erence for pets and horses in need throughout Colorado. Without the support of compassionate community members like you we could never help so many animals. Give now at dd .org.
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