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Couplet District of RidgeGate
The Couplet District is located at the East side of RidgeGate where RidgeGate Parkway splits into separate roads. The Town’s master plan brings commercial, retail, dining and civic amenities to serve residents within the District. It has a Central Village and the Southwest and Southeast Villages. The Couplet District is accessible via car, rail, bike, or walking paths. The plan is to build an estimated 8,000 residential units which will be built on the east side of RidgeGate.
RidgeGate West
It is amazing that the RidgeGate West
development is nearly complete with only
a handful of vacant sites remaining. This
neighborhood is home to the Sky Ridge
Medical Center, Charles Schwab Campus,
Kiewit, and a variety of retail, medical,
commercial and residential neighborhoods.
RidgeGate West is also home to the Lone
Tree Recreation Center, Fine Arts Center,
and branch of The Douglas County Library. Two anchor stores for this development are Target and Sprouts Farmers Market. In addition, there is a wide variety of eating establishment nearby.
Southwest Village at RidgeGate
The preliminary plan for 699 acres east of South Havana Street and south of RidgeGate Parkway, is to develop the following:
• 1,122 single-family detached residential lots
• 104 tracts for open space, infrastructure and single-family attached and commercial structures
• A school site
• Afutureregionalparkandotherneighborhood parks
• A community recreation center
• New roadways, utilities, pedestrian trails, etc.
* Development is proposed to occur in  ve phases with the  rst to begin construction in Summer of 2021.
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