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Veterinarian Supervised A ordable
Preventative Care
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Pet Waste Removal Service
It is time for a seasonal scooping.
Starting at $7.75/wk
Locally Owned and Operated Since 2005
We’re ready to take care of the build up and then come back to keep your yard in shape.
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For information, visit dd .org (303) 751-5772 Here are a few easy things you can do to help
your pets navigate these transitions:
Dogs: One of the main risk factors for separation anxiety is a change in routine. To best set our dogs up for success, you should:
1. Leave your dog alone multiple times per week – go for a walk (without your dog!), call a friend while enjoying some sun, or read a book in a separate room.
• The most important thing is to leave your dog alone only as for long as they are comfortable. This might be 10 minutes, or it could be an hour. Do what works for you and your dog. For example, if your dog begins to experience distress like barking, whining or pacing at 20 minutes, only leave them alone for 15 minutes and gradually work toward 20. If you’re concerned about your dog getting into mischief, or you’re unsure of their comfort level when left alone, monitor them while you are away with technology like Furbo, Zoom or Facetime.
• Signs your dog is okay being left alone: Relaxed body postures, sleeping, eating treats
you left behind, drinking water, self-play
What to do:
Continue leaving your dog home alone frequently in the hopes that they will continue to be comfortable with absences.
• Signs your dog is feeling stressed:
Pacing, whining, howling, barking, accidents in the house (only when you are away), destruction near exits and entrances, inability to settle, self-injury.
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