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My goal in this monthly column is to inform our readers about current and planned changes going on around the Town of Castle Rock without making judgments or editorial comments.
Wade A. Frary
A Message to Readers:
Frequently on social media, I see negative comments regarding the expansion and development of Castle Rock, Larkspur and surrounding communities. Unfortunately for those nay-sayers, change is both inevitable and predictable given the increase in the population of Douglas County. There are opportunities to participate in the planning process and give your input to government of cials. The Castle Rock Town Government and Larkspur Town Hall are always looking for volunteers to serve on commissions, advisory committees and councils to participate in the community and economic development process. Anyone who has the time and talent might want to consider becoming an active volunteer to positively impact these changes within our community. My goal in this monthly column is to inform our readers about current and planned changes going on around the Town of Castle Rock and Larkspur without making judgment or editorial comments. ~ Wade
Alert/Public Service Announcement
As part of a County wide e ort toward healing our communities from the impacts of COVID-19, partners from the public, private and non-pro t sectors have worked together to provide a centralized Community Response resource page. Please visit and share this resource as a one-stop source of information on public health, human needs recovery, economic recovery and volunteer programs to help our citizens.
Castle Rock Development
Encore Project:
Some development in Castle Rock and Douglas
County has slowed down since the COVID19
outbreak. As you walk or drive around our town,
activities happening. Much progress can be
seen with the development of the Encore project, located at Wilcox Street, adjacent to the Castle Rock Town Hall. This major construction project includes a seven-story building that will have residential for-purchase condominiums, ground  oor retail shops and o ce space, and a large parking garage on the East side adjacent to Perry Street. This project will also include a plaza area by Town Hall and an additional plaza space by Wilcox Street. The ground  oor will house retail and o ce space, while  oors 2-7 will contain 124 for-sale condos. Construction will continue through 2021. Meanwhile, some sidewalks and streets might be temporarily blocked. The town will provide public notice prior to these inconveniences. To learn more about Encore, here is the website link:
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