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Castle View High School Addition:
O cials propose construction of a 28,300 square foot CTE addition to the high school. This project will include new laboratories, specialized teaching spaces, additional general classroom space, a new center for technology and engineering programs. This plan is currently under review by the Town Development folks. Once approved, this will be a great enhancement to an already wonderful educational facility!
Castle Rock Industrial Park:
Jiffy Lube in The Meadows:
TerraForm has submitted a Site Development Plan for the construction of a new Ji y Lube service center which will be located o  Meadows Parkway and Regent Street. The plans include construction of a new 5,000 square foot building with approximately 14,000 square feet of landscape. Construction schedule for this project is yet to be determined.
Polo Properties Incorporated has submitted a Site Development Plan for the building of a 16,200 square foot autobody shop and transmission shop. Another building will have approximately 13,225 square feet of space and will be a leased space for light industrial. Location of this site is at 2801 Highway 85.
Ubergrippen Indoor Climbing Facility:
Developers are proposing the construction of a 17,000 square foot indoor climbing facility for Castle Rock. The facility will o er an 8,000 square foot climbing wall as well as 50 foot climbing walls for speed and lead climbing endurance. Also, it will have a bouldering  eld, training area, cardio and  tness, yoga classes and youth programs. This complex will be located in the Meadows Town Center between Future Street and Bilberry Street. Construction will be underway very soon!
USPS Retail-Only Facility:
Quattro Castle Rock, owner and developer, is proposing a new retail-only post o ce on a vacant lot located adjacent to the Wells Fargo Bank, Dairy Queen, and the ENT Credit Union in downtown Castle Rock. This facility will include 5,380 square feet of space facing South Wilcox Street and will include a small loading dock towards the Wells Fargo Bank. The developer has not yet set a date for construction.
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