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Spiritual Reflections
for the New Year
By Dawn Gabriel, MA, LPC, Founder, Owner of Authentic Connections Counseling Center With a new year upon us, it is a great time for new beginnings.
We can start over. We can re ect and set intentions for the new year.
In case you’d like some new ways to integrate into your traditions or try something completely new... I would like to throw out a challenge to look at some deeper and more spiritual “resolutions” this year. In the past year, we were all thrown into the unknown, chaos, overwhelm, and out of control to say the least. What if this year, we could become more grounded no matter what life throws at us? What if we could have more peace and purpose this year in the midst of the mundane and even the chaos?
Let’s take a look at spirituality. When looking up several de nitions this is what I found and
reworded with my understanding:
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