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Fontbonne University


A Word About This Benefits Guidebook
This overview describes, in non-technical language, the highlights,

options and coverages of our beneits plan. Your speciic rights to
beneits under the plan are governed solely, and in every respect, by the
oficial documents and not the information in this packet. If there is
any discrepancy between the description of the programs as contained
in these or other materials you receive and the oficial plan documents,
the language of the oficial plan documents shall prevail as accurate.
Please refer to the plan-speciic documents published by each of the

respective carriers for detailed plan information which is available from
Human Resources. You should be aware that any of these beneits may
be modiied in the future to meet legislative requirements or otherwise
as decided by Fontbonne University.

Fontbonne University is required to provide you certain protections
administered by the Internal Revenue Service and the United States
Department of Labor. This beneit plan is classiied by the Department
of Labor as a “welfare plan” and by the IRS as a “speciied fringe
beneit plan” under IRC s.6039 (D). The Plan is also governed by
Internal Revenue Code Section 125. Plan participants are entitled
to certain protections and directions for recourse in the event of

mistreatment by the Plan, its sponsor, or administrator. Since these
protections are essentially the same as federal law, this Statement
of Rights is published here for your information. The Employer
Identiication Number assigned to Fontbonne University is 43-
0694556. You should refer to these numbers in any correspondence
about the Plan.

Plan Year

Fontbonne’s beneits plan year is January 1 through December 31.
This Guidebook outlines the beneits that apply to the plan year unless

otherwise noted.

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