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Life Changes

Making Changes (Qualifying Life Events)

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations provide that eligible
employees may only make elections to the plan once a year; open
enrollment beneit choices are binding through December 31.

The following special circumstances are the ONLY reasons you may
change your beneits during the year:

X Marriage

X Divorce or legal separation

X Birth, adoption, or placement of a child for adoption
X Termination or commencement of your spouse’s coverage in
general when coverage is maintained through the spouse’s plan

X Shift from part-time to full-time status (or vice versa) by you or
your spouse

X Death of spouse or dependent
X When a dependent satisies or ceases to satisfy eligibility

X Taking an unpaid leave of absence (you or your spouse)

X A residence or worksite change that impacts health care coverage

These special circumstances, often referred to as life event changes,
will allow you to make plan changes at any time during the year in
which they occur. For any allowable changes, you must inform Human

Resources within 31 calendar days of the event to avoid a lapse in
coverage. Changes that are requested due to a “change of mind”
cannot be allowed until the next open enrollment period.

If you do not notify Human Resources of the event and provide
requested documentation within 31 calendar days of the event, you will
not be eligible to make changes until the next annual open enrollment

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