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performance, and artistry, as a result of the fusion of European automotive culture and Chinese
               intelligent manufacturing. The launch also confirms AG Auto's dedication to craftsmanship and
               attention to  detail,  in line with its goal of providing customers with  unparalleled driving

               The UAE's premium vehicle segment is flourishing due to factors like an increasing number of
               ultra-high-net-worth  individuals,  robust  economy,  top-tier  infrastructure,  lenient  car  ownership
               regulations, and a focus on luxury and tourism. These factors have allowed flagship Chinese
               vehicles to gain traction in the market.

               The launch of EXEED RX marks a significant milestone for the company, reaffirming the brand’s
               commitment to setting new standards in the premium automobile industry. EXEED Motors will
               therefore remain at the forefront of pushing boundaries and elevating driving experiences for


               About EXEED:
               EXEED is a new premium brand that combines the centuries-old traditions of European
               automotive culture with the latest intelligent manufacturing technologies that China is known for

               Designers and engineers from BMW,  Jaguar  Land Rover and other  European automobile
               concerns take part in the development of EXEED cars, and the production itself is carried out at
               the facilities of an enterprise created by a Chinese company together with Jaguar Land Rover.
               With a wealth of experience and  technical expertise, the European partner ensures identical
               manufacturing processes and the highest level of quality control across all of its manufacturing
               sites, including the EXEED vehicle plant in China.

               EXEED  also  cooperates  with  world-famous  automotive  component  suppliers  in  the  field  of
               component manufacturing, including Fortune 500 companies such as Intel, Bosch, Magna, etc.
               For more information, please visit:

               About Al Ghurair Investment:
               Al Ghurair Investment is one of the largest diversified family business groups in the Middle East,
               with operations in six distinct industry sectors: Foods and Resources, Properties, Construction
               and  Services,  Energy,  Mobility  and  Ventures.  Established  in  1960  as  a  trading  business,  Al
               Ghurair was one of  the first pillars of industry  and commerce in the emerging United Arab

               From modest beginnings, and with a proud history of innovation and entrepreneurship, the Al
               Ghurair  family name has become synonymous  with the heritage, evolution and vision of the
               prestigious country itself.
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