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IE5+ efficiency level which exceeds all global requirements
Compact and hygienic design
Constant high efficiency over
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the entire adjustment range
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 models and those undertaking the testing can be given informa- tive and unambiguous instruc- tions, all logged and recorded as part of the procedure.
In addition to the aforemen- tioned familiarisation, AR has more to offer in the operational phase of a machine’s life too.
As well as training new oper- ators, it can be used to deliver overlayed instructions and vid- eos for component changeovers and batch-change procedures. This visual on-machine feature is also exploitable for mainte- nance operations and for the addition of revised hardware and sub-systems.
“Our deployment of contem- porary automation solutions means these Industry 4.0 capa- bilities are in easier reach for customers as the AR capabili- ties feed off the original 3D CAD data,” explains Roncaglioni.
“We have seen incredibly pos- itive real-life results recently, where they have proved vital for FATs, training, maintenance and operation, all delivered and performed virtually.”
“We are boxing up AR and other digitally enabled capabili- ties into what we call 4.0 Packages, which comprises a combination of technologies tailored and adapted to the needs of the customer and application,” Monguzzi adds.
The company is also heavily involved in the development of auto changeover solutions with the absolute minimum need for human interaction. The idea is
When the world returns to normal, AR will be one of the tools that stays in regular use everywhere.”
that the machine will prepare itself for changeover using servo technology and the operators will only be involved where changes cannot be done automatically.
“Compared to the market aver- age, we offer quicker change- overs than most, but the market is demanding even more. Today, we have managed to cut change- over in half – from 30 minutes to just 15,” says Monguzzi.
AR has always been on the future roadmap, but has rapidly evolved from a cool feature into a must-have technology that everyone needs to use every day.
When the world returns to nor- mal, AR will be one of the tools that stays in regular use every- where. It is too good to use merely as a stop-gap. It adds value, saves money, solves problems and makes everyone’s life so much easier, so what’s not to like?
And the best thing is, you don’t need advanced hardware to make it happen, just compa- nies with their fingers on the technology and market pulse, such as Cama. ■
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