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                                                                                                                                                                                                      March-April 2021 | ROBOTICS & AUTOMATION
 created, which can provide machine parts, as well as a wide range of oper- ating resources with just one click.
It is also conceivable to expand the platform to include common warehouse functions, such as stock overview and reorder options, among others.
The digital twin developed by Schubert – named Titan – promises an all-new league of processes and services.
The machine builder does not want to focus solely on spatial representa- tion, but also wants to be able to con- figure systems in the shortest possible time, while fully simulating complex packaging processes in moving images.
The changed work processes in development provide customers with tangible advantages – with the Titan, machine configuration becomes much more efficient and safer.
Delivery times are shortened con- siderably and commissioning can be simulated in advance, which makes virtual factory approvals even easier.
Once real machine data has been incorporated into the digital twin, it will be possible to make even more precise forecasts of upcoming service intervals or to program alarms for deviating values. There are no limits to the imagination here.
Especially for the producing sec- tors, such as the food industry, the goal of digital services must include precise machine prediction models, combined with intelligent logistics for spare parts and 24-hour availabil- ity in support.
Because then, even insidious changes such as unnatural heat genera- tion or rising motor currents in a sys- tem, can be detected and eliminated so early that major downtimes are reduced to an absolute minimum.
Uwe Galm is director customer services at Gerhard Schubert GmbH.
Support at Schubert has already been changed to reflect this by offer- ing a central customer interface for all concerns.
Even the distinction between mechanics and electronics, which is somewhat complex for customers, is no longer necessary, as both areas are inseparably linked in the systems.
Downstream of the hotline is also a newly assembled Technology Centre with second-level support.
So, thinking is most definitely changing – service without an IT con- nection is no longer conceivable today. The objective at Schubert is to net- work and develop all digital solutions and platforms.
This enables the company to offer its customers a comprehensive and attractive range of remote mainte- nance services, which fit seamlessly into the Schubert premise of inte- grated system solutions. ■
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