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                   50 PRODUCT WATCH | | March-April 2021
 Nordson launches next-gen dispensing solution with remote connectivity
Nordson Adhesive Dispensing Systems has introduced its next-gen solution for precision adhesive dispensing, the ProBlue Flex melter with BBconn controls, which is modular, designed for accuracy, and is fully outfitted for integration and remote connectivity.
It brings together all of Nordson’s intelligent technologies for data-driven precision, while meeting user-specific requirements,
including Nordson’s Adhesive Tracking System, which gives users the ability to easily measure and monitor adhesive
volume and usage.
The next-gen melter also includes
electronic pressure regulators that deliver remote control
operation for changing and checking pressure settings, ensuring
consistency in the correct amount and the placement of adhesive.
The ProBlue Flex also now comes with the new BBconn controls, which
opens the door to complete machine
integration and full IoT
connectivity. It allows Nordson’s equipment to easily communicate with parent machines and other devices, allowing users to operate everything from a single interface.
This new platform also allows for remote operation, more visibility, real-time oversight, and the data and analytics needed for continuous improvement, and profitable, data-driven decisions.
All of this is complemented by Nordson’s BBconn Cloud, which stores and retrieves setup data by part and serial numbers from the customer’s database. It also allows the customer to program all system settings and recipes “offline” from the melter for later provisioning.
In terms of safety, the ProBlue Flex is fully covered to limit exposure to hot surfaces, and also offers optional lid-lock for additional protection. The ability for remote operation also limits the need for direct interaction with the machine.
“As industries shift and change accelerates around us, there is a need for constant adaptability, and the ProBlue Flex can adapt to any operation with ease and simplicity as it is purposefully designed to be modular for today’s ever-evolving manufacturing industry,” says Nordson.
The Nordson ProBlue Flex was originally scheduled to launch at AUSPACK 2021, but the event was postponed until May 2022 due to the current global pandemic.
     Multi-purpose filler for glass bottles and cans
The Krones Group, manufacturer of complete lines for the fields of process, filling and packaging technology, has expanded its range with the release of a new multi-purpose filler that can handle both glass bottles and cans, the Barifill
Canto, which is developed, constructed and installed by Krones’
Italian-based subsidiary, Kosme.
With the new filler, Krones offers smaller craft breweries and
wineries the greatest possible flexibility in container choice – whether glass, cans or both – without the need to invest in two different filling machines.
The Barifill Canto can handle beer, carbonated soft drinks, and sparkling wines in a variety of can types and sizes. It can also handle glass bottles – both classic and long-neck varieties.
Filling speeds depend on the product and individual configuration and range from 1200 glass bottles or 2500 cans per hour on the smallest layout, to 9500 glass bottles or 16,000 cans per hour
on the biggest setup.
Also simple to use, the Barifill Canto operates on the principle of “less is more” and all component parts can be controlled from a central panel, reducing operator intervention to a minimum.
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