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Nord Drivesystems is introducing a new Bluetooth stick applicable to all of its drives, which offers mobile access to drive data and full access control for improved communications and safety.
The Nordac Access BT was designed with IIoT technologies in mind and can be used to save parameter data without using an app or a PC.
“Using the BT-stick, users can transfer parameters from one frequency inverter to another. Parameter transfer between a drive and a PC is also possible,” said Nord project engineer Delfio Barbarino.
The new product further features dashboard-based visualisation for drive monitoring and fault diagnosis, as well as oscilloscope function for drive analysis which can be individually configurable, and aims to simplify maintenance so faults can be solved faster.
Barbarino said the Nordac Access BT received praise around the world and he believes that in the Australian and New Zealand markets the reception will be similar.
“We look forward to the official launch of this ground- breaking product in the coming months and to rolling it out
in our region,” he said.
Treotham’s modular e-skin energy supply systems provide plants with data, media and energy without unwanted particles contaminating the air. The accuracy of results has earned the product an ISO Class 1 rating for use in cleanrooms.
The igus energy chain range from Treotham were proven by the Fraunhofer Institute IPa, where all four energy chain types – with and without cables – were convincing in tests.
The e-skin energy supply was awarded the Fraunhofer clean manufacturing award Clean!2018, while the e-skin soft is designed for compact installation spaces and short unsupported lengths, and the e-skin flat is for flat inserts.
The Class 1 rating awarded stands for a particle load that should not exceed two particles with a size of ≥ 0.2 μm per cubic metre of air.
All e-skin energy supply systems from igus are made of tribologically optimised high-performance polymers, which are very abrasion-resistant. The “classic” e-skin is an enclosed corrugated tube, which is easily openable and fillable using a zipper system due to a modular structure.
All energy chains are available ready-harnessed with highly flexible chainflex cables from Treotham.
AMS Instrumentation & Calibration has introduced a new dissolved oxygen analyser, aimed at measurements in waste water basins, aquaculture and all types of environmental water.
The ECD Triton Do82 Optical Dissolved Oxygen Analyser has a sensor, which uses fluorescence quenching to determine the oxygen concentration in water.
This aims to minimise maintence, increase reliability and improve long-term accuracy of the measurement in waste water and industrial wastewater applications.
The DO82 is unaffected by changes in the flow, pH or conductivity of the sample, and has a universal design with waterproof fixed or detachable cable.
The sensor also comes with second generation software to help store calibration data and for digital communication.
The ECD Triton DO82 Optical Dissolved Oxygen Analyser is now available in Australia exclusively through AMS Instrumentation & Calibration.
The latest tank covers from Alfa Laval aim to provide ease and convenience in a hygienic manner when it comes to visual inspection or entry to tank interiors.
The covers meet most requirements in the dairy, food and beverage industries, and securely fit the opening of high, low or non- pressure tanks, both above and below the liquid level.
Alfa Laval offers a range of 3A approved inspection and personnel entry ports with a variety of surface finishes and seal materials.
Two tank cover models are available – the LKD and LKDC tanks covers. The LKD is an oval-shaped, stainless steel cover that can be turned into the tank for inspection purposes, and can also be removed at the double hinge or swung out of the tank for personnel entry. It is not affected by positive or negative pressure in the tank.
The LKDC tank cover is circular and also stainless steel, and is supplied with a replaceable, self-sealing double lip seal to prevent fluids from spraying out, such as during CIP cleaning and similar processes.
The Alfa Laval tank covers are supplied through the company’s Australian-based site in Huntingwood, Victoria.
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