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Fluid Components International (FCI), known for its range of flow meters, has now released a new wet gas sensor as an additional application.
The Wet Gass MASSter Sensor is designed for the ST80 Series Flow Meters and aims to deliver accurate, repeatable gas flow measurement in the presence of even more moisture and condensation droplets.
The sensor mechanically shunts moisture, condensation and water droplets away from the thermal flow sensor to ensure gas flow measurement is accurate, as well as minimising errors, which may cause a false high reading or interfere with the measurement.
Suitable for ST80 Series Flow Meters with pipe diameters from 25 to 2500mm, and air/gas temperatures of up to 454 degrees Celsius, the Wet Gass MASSter Sensor option uses no extra energy to be powered and does not have an impact on sensor service life.
The new sensor is available exclusively through AMS Instrumentation & Calibration, which offers a range of FCI Flow Meters and solutions.
Kaeser Compressors has launched its new generation of air-main charging systems, which feature enhanced control and function capabilities to help ensure reliable
compressed air quality.
The DHS 4.0 Series electronic air-main charging systems aims to eliminate
risks, such as interfering contaminants into the pipe distribution network and the process air, as well as using necessary minimum pressure to ensure
smooth network start-up and safe operation of the compressed air station. Its assurance of consistently high compressed air quality is also useful during system operation, including stations with multiple
treatment lines.
The air-main charging system further helps to minimise the load on
compressed air treatment components, air receivers and pipe networks, as well as preventing surge loads caused by large changes in pressure. The DHS 4.0 can be connected to the Sigma Air Manager 4.0 master
controller for input and visualisation of information such as pressure measurement values or status indicators presented in real-time. It is
available through Kaeser Compressors’ Australian base in Dandenong, Victoria.
SMC has developed a stainless steel vacuum ejector suitable for environments with vigorous washdown and temperature requirements.
The ZH-X267 is a single-stage ejector with no moving parts, which offers what Guiomar Fernandez, product marketing manager, describes as grease-free and corrosion-resistant materials that ensure a long service life under operating temperatures as high as 260 degrees Celsius.
“The T design allows exhaust to be piped away. This makes it the ideal solution for workpieces with droplets or splashes of water, mixing and blending inert gases, and clean room environments,” Fernandez said. He added that SMC’s vacuum ejectors are known for their energy-saving benefits.
“This new unique compact and robust single-stage ejector creates high suction flows of up to 34LPM whilst remaining air efficient. It saves on maintenance and replacement cost as the ZH-X267 Series will allow for some level of particles to pass through the ejector without clogging, minimising maintenance or downtime,” he said.
When producing beer and juices, thermal product treatment is crucial for extending the product’s shelf-life.
Krones VarioFlash range includes flash pasteurisers, which excel in low energy and water use, and meeting stringent requirements for product quality and microbiological safety.
To heat up the product particularly gently and safely, the flash pasteurisers are equipped with sliding PU control and an adapted hot-water circuit.
In the event of production stops, the patented “Eco-hygienic Sleep Mode” guarantees that energy and water consumption are reduced by up to 90 per cent, without having to compromise on microbiological safety.
Krones’ VarioFlash B flash pasteuriser ensures microbiologically safe filling of beer. With an output from 18-600 hectolitres per hour, it is aimed at large and craft brewers or breweries running small batches. The VarioFlash B can be combined with bottle or can fillers, but also with lines for filling kegs.
The small variant of the VarioFlash B has been designed specifically for small breweries and is particularly well suited for the output range from 18-45 hectolitres per hour. Its compact size means the entire flash pasteuriser fits inside one container.
The small dimensions also allow its horizontal buffer tank to ensure the output is automatically adjusted in the event of production fluctuations, thus minimising product losses and media consumption.
The reduced number of components and sturdy engineering ensures reduced maintenance costs.
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