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Sydney-based distillery Poor Toms has collaborated with Melbourne soft drink maker StrangeLove to create a new range of premixed drinks.
Love Can comes in three variants – Gin & Tonic, Vodka Yuza Soda, and Spritz – aimed at consumers wanting better-for-you, low-ABV drinks.
Australia’s craft spirits industry has grown from $10.8 million in 2017 to $17.1 million in 2018. For co-founder of Love Can and Poor Toms Griffin Blumer, the evolution of premium spirits from sensible glass bottles to an unruly canned, premix format seemed like a natural progression.
“We wanted to get past the idea that you need fancy glassware, garnishes, and destination venues to enjoy a great, locally distilled product. You can drink Love Can anywhere – family BBQs, raves, church, the beach,” said Blumer. Love Can is now available in four-packs for RRP $23.99 at selected BWS and Dan Murphy’s stores nationally.
Belgian biscuit brand Lotus has launched its biscuit spread Biscoff to Australian stores, made entirely from crushed Speculoos biscuits.
The Lotus Speculoos are spiced, caramelised, shortcut biscuits. The brand is known for its range of sweets purposefully designed to be paired with coffee.
Biscoff is expected to be a spread that will challenge spread aisle favourites, such as peanut butters and chocolate spreads.
“Biscoff is unlike anything you have ever tried before with a unique flavour and a deliciously creamy texture – it’s the spread you never knew you wanted, but won’t be able to live without,” said Lotus Biscoff spokesperson Nick Nairn.
“Aside from being delicious, Biscoff is also nut-free and vegan-friendly too. It can be enjoyed on toast, as part of your dessert or simply by the spoonful, we won’t judge! Basically, anything goes with Biscoff, and Biscoff goes with anything.”
Smith’s is launching its first sweet flavour of chips – a limited-edition Lamington potato chip that will be available throughout summer.
Sitting under the PepisCo Australia brand umbrella, Smith’s
The spreads are being experiemented in a number of formats, including cakes, milkshakes, slices and pancakes, as well as in a range of Biscoff-inspired treats at Sydney-based doughnut store Donut Papi.
The new Biscoff spread is available in original and crunchy varieties, and can be found in Coles, Woolworths and independent stores around the country.
Menz FruChocs are the number one selling choc bite in South Australia, with the original apricot and peach variety regarded as a state icon. The latest flavour to join the FruChoc family is mango.
Robern Menz CEO Phil Sims said: “Summer is officially here, and what flavour is more reminiscent of Aussie holidays, BBQs and Christmas-time than mango? When looking to introduce a new FruChoc variety, the tropical fruit taste of a mango was the perfect partner to enjoy summer.”
FruChocs were launched in 1940 and today more than 60 million are produced each year.
In 2005 they were officially recognised by the National Trust as having cultural and historial significance and certified as an Icon of South Australia. The last Friday in August is FruChocs Appreciation Day in the southern state.
They are exported to 15 countries.
Mango FruChocs will be available through supermarkets and convenience stores by the end of January.
latest flavour experiment follows on from the success of its previous limited-edition ranges, including: garlic bread; Peking duck; tomato sauce; and gravy.
Smith’s marketing director Olivia Sutherland said PepsiCo’s flavourists reviewed and tasted different lamington recipes to understand what makes the dessert delicious and how it could be combined with potato chips.
Sutherland said: “We know Australians are increasingly keen to try new flavours, and interest is growing in sweet and savoury combinations. It’s then a matter of breaking down the flavour experience and finding key elements that can be translated to a seasoning.
“In our Lamington chip you will find hints of flavours including chocolate, coconut, cream and butter.”
Simth’s limited-edition Lamington chips will be available in Woolworths, independent and selected convenience stores around the country from 1 January.
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