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Hit all your inspection + packaging targets Technologies that deliver superior inspection performance
X-Ray Inspection
Ishida X-ray inspection systems ensure a thorough inspection of your product for the full spectrum of foreign bodies at unrivalled sensitivity levels. Advanced diagnostic imaging eliminates the background effect caused by the product itself and improves the detection of low-density contaminants such as bone fragments.
Quality Control
Ishida checkweighing systems deliver high speeds, precise accuracy, improved operator controls, and new weighing technology to increase productivity and line efficiency. Verify package weight, content count or sort defective product or packaging. Available with integrated metal detection and reject systems.
Metal Detection
Improve inspection results with the world’s only multi-spectrum metal detector. CEIA’s unique technology achieves the highest sensitivity to smaller metal particles by applying a broad spectrum of frequencies simultaneously and continuously. Easily and accurately distinguish between metal contaminants and product effects with no reduction in sensitivity.
Ishida and CEIA inspection systems from Heat and Control assure precise, consistent detection and rejection of product containing foreign objects, missing or damaged pieces or packaging defects.
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