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JBS subsidiary Seara, a Brazilian food brand that processes poultry and pork, has moved into ready the meal category in a bid to reduce food waste and repurpose offcuts. Seara, which was exhibiting at SIAL Paris, uses Micvac technology for a new poultry-based ready meal range called Seara Rotisserie that is now on sale in Brazil.
The Seara Rotisserie range includes five meal options: fusilli al sugo; penne calabrese; chicken with rice and creamed corn; chicken stroganoff with rice; and cubed pork leg with barbecue sauce and rice. The range recently won in the Most Innovative Food Product category for 2018 at FI Innovation. Also on show at SIAL Paris was Seara’s award-winning 100 per cent natural frozen chicken range, The Seara DaGranja, which is the first product of its type to be exported
to the Middle East. ✷
Micvac spoke to Food & Drink Business at SIAL Paris about its innovative meal tech.
SWEDISH chilled ready meals technology company Micvac was showcasing its innovative chilled
meal technology at SIAL Paris.
The technology,
which is used in
Australia by food service supplier Saizeriya for a chilled pasta-based ready meal range, can extend shelf life up to 60 days.
The Micvac system combines a microwave tunnel and patented packaging components: the Micvac tray and Micvac valve, and is now used in almost 20 countries for
pasta, curry, soups, meat and sauce, as well as for lobster, shrimp and cooked vegetables, said Micvac marketing & regional sales director Christina Frohm Kramer.
Micvac’s process cooks food fast at high temperatures, and in addition to extending shelf life, enhances vitamin content, flavour, texture and the colour of the meals, which need no preservatives. A natural vacuum is created in the
cooking process, providing food safety
assurance for consumers, and the tray shape is designed to ensure even
heating in the microwave. A multipurpose valve allows steam to escape during cooking, also makes an audible whistling sound when the meal is ready.
Micvac’s four-step process: fill, seal, cook and cool, is also more sustainable than many alternatives, Kramer says, because cooking in pack uses fewer steps. ✷
“It’s still quite a new technology, but we are becoming known as our technology fits in well with market trends,” Kramer
told Food & Drink Business at the show.
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