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Global innovation celebrated at SIAL Paris
Kefir water, sustainable frozen veg, and popsicles in pouches have taken the top honours at the SIAL Paris Innovation Awards, writes Amanda Bryan.
MORE than 7020 companies from more than 109 countries exhibited products across 21 exhibition sectors at SIAL Paris, which was held from 21-25 October.
New for SIAL Paris this year was the Future Lab, which was a showcase of food innovation in the incubation phase, as well as the Alter’Native Food Forum, which was located in a special exhibition space and included educational sessions, to showcase healthy and balanced eating.
The SIAL TV and In-Food Centre conferences also drew lots of interest at the show.
Another major highlight of SIAL Paris was the Innovation Awards, with prizes warded to brands that were helping to shape consumer tastes. The 2018 edition of the awards saw a 10 per cent rise in the number of new products presented according to organisers.
There were 2355 entries, with 801 finalists short-listed. Prizes were awarded across 15 categories, and these were exhibited in the show’s Innovation Space.
The overall gold, silver and bronze winners for SIAL Paris 2018 edition, which were revealed at an awards ceremony held at the show, follow:
The winner of the Gold award was Namaste Water Kefir, a healthier-for-you beverage from Greece. The judges selected the
product, which was launched last year, for “the new proposal of water and fruit kefir”.
The products come in two varieties: Water kefir ginger flavour, and water kefir peppermint flavour.
The Silver award winner went to a pesticide-free range of frozen vegetables packaged in a paper-based bag from Italian company Rolli.
The soon-to-be launched frozen vegetables are sourced from a sustainable supply chain and packaged in a biodegradable bag.
The judges said they selected the product for the eco- sustainability of its production and packaging.
Product varieties include
very fine peas, very fine green beans, minestrone, sliced courgettes, cauliflower florets, spinach leaves, broccoli florets, mixed grilled vegetables, artichoke hearts, IQF spinach, and grilled aubergines.
The Bronze award went to US manufacturer Betters International for its BeKids freeze-dried popsicle stick made from fruit and targeted to children.
The no added sugar product comes in a pouch with a fun design, and was selected by judges “for the convenient offer of freeze- dried fruits for children”.
Its varieties are watermelon, mango, amazonian pineapple, andbanana. ✷
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