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Another Victorian manufacturer announcing an exciting product launch is allergen-free food specialist Orgran Health & Nutrition, which has also created a product world-first – a new sugar-free and allergen-free cereal and cookie range.
The company's general manager Antoine Huon told Food & Drink Business that Orgran products have a strong worldwide following due to their specialty niche, which is free of gluten and dairy and other potential allergens.
The Sugar Free range, which only rolled off the production line two weeks ago, also uses trending ingredients such as chia, matcha, and cacao nibs to further increase its nutritional value.
“It's been tough to meet all the allergy requirements and to also be spot on in taste and texture,” Huon said. “This product has been in the works for two years.” ✷
Aussie innovations roll out
Australian companies were among the thousands of exhibitors that chose the global food innovation show SIAL Paris as the launchpad to introduce innovative new product lines to the world.
THE SIAL Paris show, which was held last month, hosted more than 7000 companies from more than 100 countries, many of which are launching innovative food products. There were 2355 entries for SIAL’s Innovation Awards, and 801 finalists short-listed.
Melbourne ingredients and clean label food products manufacturer Flavour Makers was among them, with its brand new line of organic soups that are 100 per cent sourced from Australian ingredients.
The company’s founder and chief Adrian Cester described the launch as a world first, and said the new product line was developed after he discovered a few years ago how few locally manufactured organic products are actually sourced from Australian ingredients.
“Australia has the most organic farmland of any country,” Cester told Food & Drink Business this week in Paris, “yet most of our organic products are made from
imported ingredients.”
“I decided that this range had
to stand for purity, so the rules are that we must only use 100 per cent Australian organically- grown product. So it is a really unique product offering.”
The range, as well as all future products, which will include meals and on the go snacking, are made from ingredients sourced entirely from Australian organic farmers, farmed by Australians and processed by Australians using sustainable methods.
“With the help of a group of Aussie organic farmers, it's taken three years to make this vision a reality,” Cester says, “and I'm hoping eventually this product will make its way into export markets.”
At its Melbourne facility, Flavour Makers seeks to create convenient and health-focused ambient products with a shelf life of up to two years.
Using its retort facility and the latest packaging technology, the company
produces a broad range of food products in flexible pouches.
Flavour Makers also has the raw materials and production capabilities to handle all allergen requirements, including gluten free, dairy free, vegan and vegetarian, and FODMAP friendly, and works with trending ingredients like quinoa, konjac and hemp in value-added formats. ✷
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