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Extra savings... We’ll drink to that
Regardless of the liquid you move, SEW-EURODRIVE’s Mechatronic Drive Systems guarantee cost savings through lower electricity usage, simple system integration, minimised spares inventory, decreased cleaning efforts and increased system durability.
Your Benefits:
Energy Savings Up to 50%: Achievable with MOVIGEAR®, which includes a IE4 (Super Premium Efficiency) motor, highly efficient gearing and on-board drive electronics mounted in a common housing.
Minimised Spares Inventory: Vast speed range capabilities of MOVIGEAR® mean differing rotational speed requirements can be solved with a reduced number of unit variants.
Hygienic System Design: Reduced debris entrapment and increased surface durability in corrosion prone environments due to smooth housing design, HP200 surface finish and stainless steel components.
Decentralised Technology: Geared motor, drive electronics and fieldbus system mounted in the field resulting in a diminished control cabinet, reduced wiring effort and easy integration with industrial Ethernet control systems.
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