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Michael Miller, executive chair of News
Corp Australasia, on longevity in the changing news media landscape.
APRIL 2020
08 BEHINDTHECOVER:Thisissue’scoverfeatureisontheriseofPR, and the creatives at whiteGREY went for the angle of rebranding AdNews to emphasise the point.
15 AGENDA: The television landscape is rapidly changing, with tra- ditional TV on the slide. Mobile viewing now rules the battle for eyeballs, presenting new advertising opportunities.
26 INVESTIGATION: In an advertising industry feeling the squeeze, public relations experts are playing significant roles in campaign strategy and the crafting of successful client content.
37 BETTER WORKPLACES: The advertising industry has long been associated with long hours, stress and burnout. However, agencies are addressing the issue through positive company cultures.
44 SOCIALVIDEO:Socialmediagiantsareturningtoenhancedonline video content to capitalise on a large captive audience and bolster their value to advertisers.
48 CREATIVE REVIEW: Australians and Kiwis love sport, so it makes sense that athletes appear in a lot of ads. But how well do four sporty campaigns work? We get creatives to judge.
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