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  Love in the time of total television
Data to the left of me, measurements to the right. The complex craft of judging the size of television audiences in Australia is reportedly getting simpler.
The VOZ system, available from April, is billed as the start of a clearer picture of total audience for television, taking into account the varied
platforms it can appear on.
It’s all about getting a real view of how content is con- sumed over time and across devices. From this, we can more accurately plan campaigns and media owners can better spruik the value of their platforms.
Early VOZ data shows that BVOD brings a significant reach gain across younger demographics
OzTAM CEO Doug Peiffer: “VOZ data crystallises what we have long known intui- tively was the case: reaching a target audience involves considering how all screens are used over time, and planning accordingly.”
The expectation is great:
Richard Hunwick, Nine’s
director of sales — television:
“My call is that 2020 will be
the year total television comes into its own, as brand returns to fashion and VOZ allows real and robust cross-platform measurement between linear TV and BVOD. VOZ will prove that television’s total scale and reach remains unmatched, and continued work on measuring effectiveness will reinforce TV’s position at the top of the marketing funnel, building brands and businesses.”
Kurt Burnette, Seven’s chief revenue officer: “2020 is going to be a massive year for the television
industry. Game changing, in fact. The evolution of TV as total video will continue, with VOZ coming in to further enable the evolution.”
Natalie Harvey, Seven’s director of sales: “2020 is shaping up as a revolutionary year for the television industry ... finally we will be able to accurately measure our audiences across all screens, providing advertisers more
insight on their campaigns.” Ben Willee at Spinach: “We’re really looking forward to the VOZ measurement to help us better understand the relationship between catch-up, connected TV and traditional linear TV. I think that’ll be a really helpful met-
ric when it comes in.”
But it will still take time to
get a more complete picture. Media analyst Steve Allen: “TV measurement and trading in Australia is one of the most complex markets in the world. This (VOZ) ... will simplify this. However, systems and tolls that media agencies use will have to adapt or be modified. There will be a big need for education and re-education inside media agencies. Clients will have to think about their
reporting protocols as well.
“This will be revolutionary and a likely prelude to
total video measurement for Australia. Although this will likely take a year or two because other video channels do not have the same protocols for viewing, do not have the same data recording formats, and do not have the same library recognition of advertisers or products — just to name a few hurdles.”
   CHRIS PASH | April 2020 7

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