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MICHELL Instruments is offering an affordable package for businesses to perform traceable humidity calibrations in-house, aiming to lower process downtime and reduce costs.
The package combines the Michell HygroCal 100 humidity validator with the Optidew 401 chilled mirror hygrometer.
The former is a lightweight, portable humidity verifier, using an internal polymer reference to provide automatic verifications “of the accurate RH probes”. Users can also assign a hygrometer
with an analogue output as a reference device, allowing the
unit to preform full calibrations of humidity probes, which are traceable.
The latter is a hygrometer, which provides a reference for humidity calibrations. It is accurate to ±0.15°C dew point, ±0.15°C temperature and connects easily to the HygroCal 100.
Both instruments are light and compact, allowing users to easily move the system to where it is needed most, or pack away when not required.
CHESTERTON has released a new IoT sensor to help industrial teams increase uptime of rotating equipment.
The 24/7 equipment monitoring sensor – Chesterton Connect – allows users to safely monitor changes in equipment vibration and surface temperature, as well as process pressure and temperature.
“Chesterton Connect automatically stays on top of equipment changes that pose a problem,” said product director of Chesterton mechanical seals product line, Steve Bullen.
“It gives pump operators time to make the necessary adjustments, helping to avoid costly unplanned downtime.”
The sensor uses Bluetooth and is supported by a mobile app, which can track multiple sensors and provide a comprehensive view of a plant’s equipment health, which can be exported for analysis.
Chesterton Connect be be used on rotating equipment such as pumps, mixers, gear boxes, motors and fans.
TURNKEY supplier KHS has revamped its Innofill Can C fillers to now achieve an output of up to 50,000 cans per hour on
60 filling valves.
The Innofill Can C can be integrated into lines with high outputs, and also includes an integrated can seamer from Ferrum AG.
Its pitch circle has been enhanced from
720 to 1800 millimetres to allow for the increased output, and the Innofill Can C can also be used in combination with process engineering, such as Innopro Paramix C blending systems, a flash pasteuriser or CIP modules.
Beverages can now be processed and canned in the medium-capacity range, while the new Innofill Can C maintains its compact size.
The filler, seamer, service module, cladding and control cabinet are pre-assembled on delivery, meaning users can begin operation almost immediately. Electromagnetic induction flow meters also form part of the filling valves on the computer-controlled system, ensuring uniformity across all filling levels and that headspaces are created the same size in each can.
A portable compressed air leakage analyser, which doesn’t require host machine reprogramming has been designed and built in Australia by SMC Corporation.
SMC’s Energy Corporation Group, formed in 2015, develops and integrates technologies to reduce energy use and costs for the manufacturing sector. With direction from the group’s ANZ manager Bill Blyth and the Sydney-based team including project engineer Alex Bonella and mechanical engineer Tim Ho, the analyser was commissioned and exported to a global food manufacturer in Dubai.
According to SMC, the plug-and-play solution can be easily installed and is used to manage and monitor the host machine while calculating air
consumption for the
Blyth said:
“Finding and
assessing individual
leakage in a
compressed air
system can be
costly and time
consuming. This analyser makes use of a SMC monitoring technology to identify the location and volume for individual leaks; both static and dynamic.
“A bonus is the ability to also carry out consumption and usage profile analysis for the machine during operation – without the need to reprogram the host machine or process. This is the real time and labour- saving aspect.”
The analyser develops and provides a file detailing all measured leaks and
other relevant compressed air data and costs, allowing detailed machine maintenance analysis.
“This truly is a gamechanger for manufacturers. It allows our customers to make informed decisions about easily identifying and prioritising when there is need to repair a leak and what the real value is to your business,” Blyth said.
The Compressed Air Leakage Analyser is now available for both local and
global applications.
            SMC Corporation (Australia) Pty Ltd T: 1800 763 862
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