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                                                                                               mandatory in Australia. This benefits the allergic population in that the allergen identification is now specific. The feedback to this new regulation has been positive as it provides an improvement to the quality of life of allergic consumers, allowing them to enjoy wider food options.
Romer Labs Asia-Pacific managing director Yong Wee Liau says it is a “great step forward” in terms of food safety regulations.
“It also pushes food manufacturers to implement measures in their allergen risk management programmes to eliminate cross-contaminations of allergens as a blanket declaration is now insufficient.
“Food allergies can be fatal and we should all take allergen management seriously to ensure
that food is safe to enjoy for different groups of people. Food safety is of utmost importance in all aspects of life.”
Accredited food allergen test kits from Romer Labs offer validated solutions for testing individual tree nuts and other food allergens, helping food manufacturers to comply with this new rule in allergen declaration in Australia.
Romer Labs’ rapid tests are suited for on-site qualitative testing, while ELISA test kits provide quantitative results for the detection of food allergens.
Food manufacturers who integrate these tests into their allergen management systems and use them regularly can effectively ensure that food products, equipment and production lines are allergen-free. ✷
ABOVE: Food allergen test kits offer validated solutions for testingindividualtreenuts.
      Amy Chua is the regional
marketing manager of Romer
Labs Asia-Pacific. She is based
in Singapore and has previously
held regional marketing roles in Asia-pacific in the food industry for dairy, RTE foods and baking ingredients.
              Foodcare meters for pH Analysis
with Application Specific Probe
Hanna food quality pH meters are rugged and portable with the performance and features of a benchtop. Five models are available in this series to measure food, milk, meat, yogurt and cheese. Each model is supplied in a durable thermoformed carrying case that holds the meter, probe, cleaning solutions and calibration buffers securely in place.
Includes probe with conic tip and glass body.
Cheese pH Meter
Includes probe with conic tip and AISI 316 stainless steel body.
Food pH Meter
Includes probe with conic tip and food grade PVDF body.
Meat pH Meter
Includes probe with stainless steel piercing blade and food grade PVDF body.
Milk pH Meter
Includes probe with spheric tip and food grade PVDF body.
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