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 For preparation process performance
E-PLAS has a wide range of engineering and high- performance plastics, which have many, diverse applications within the food and beverage industry.
Food, beverage and conveying industry products include a host of standard stock shapes and innovative FDA rated products suitable for use during food preparation processes.
E=Plas FDA approved plastics cover uses ranging from high speed conveyor parts and machine guarding, to cutting and preparation surfaces, filters, rollers, mallets, mixing blades and pipes.
E-Plas stocks specialised plastics variously suited for use in hot to very high heat and cold to freezing, wet and dry preparation and production processes and environments.
The company also has access to many specialised materials outside its standard range categorised as special order items.
Supported by leading global manufacturers, E-Plas has access to excellent product supply and technical knowledge and is always ready to investigate specialty materials and special order products. ✷
Making the switch
MAKING the switch to new pack formats without additional costly investment can be a challenge for many food manufacturers. Tray sealing specialist Proseal is helping customers easily shift to sustainable tray formats with its equipment, which has the capabilities to handle different materials, such as board and pulp, without modification.
“Our work focuses on ensuring new pack formats remain functional and fit-for- purpose and don’t compromise on protection or shelf-life while delivering sustainability benefits,” says Proseal sales director Tony Burgess.
Proseal is also the sealing partner for the Halopack tray, a
gas-tight cardboard modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) tray, which is based on a patented design and is fully sealable for in-line production.
The company continues to work closely with both tray and film suppliers to stay ahead of the demand for environmentally friendly solutions.
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