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                SUPPLIER SPOTLIGHT
 Cool operator
MTA Australasia has been supplying plug-and-play all-in-one solutions for food and beverage manufactures worldwide since 1982. Its latest product developments are designed for reliability and energy saving.
MTA chillers and heat pumps have a robust design and are fitted with components purpose built for industrial applications. They are specifically designed for the food and drink industry, where absolute reliability 24/7 is required whatever the conditions.
Complete flexibility to all user needs is ensured thanks to
MTA’s evaporator configuration, offering water supply temperatures from -24oC to +30oC. Key development areas for the MTA range of air-cooled water chillers are:
Cooling capacity of 2–260 kW, with MTA’s custom evaporator- in-tank configuration.
The chilled water supply temperature range is 30oC down to -10oC for the standard range, and down to -24oC for LWT version. It offers precise control and adaptability to rapidly changing requirements, ensuring all process phases
are catered for, even in the harshestconditions.
Cooling capacity of 230–940 kW, with shell & tube evaporators and multi-scroll technology. This series now comes as standard with V configuration condenser coils, and optional internal chilled water buffer tanks with choice of single or dual water pumps. This series also provides a choice on refrigerant type, standard with R410A or the option of a lower GWP refrigerant,R545B.
ARIES Tech2 LEFT: iPhoenix G
Cooling capacity of 382–1945 kW, with inverter technology for medium to large processes. This series comes as standard with screw compressors fitted with variable speed technology, shell & tube evaporators, V configuration condenser coils, and with low GWP refrigerant R513A. This is the solution when energy saving and adaptability areparamount. ✷
      Heating in the goodness
Gold Peg’s Australian designed RotaTherm technology ensures the maximum nutritional benefits of ingredients are maintained.
WHEN it comes to manufacturing food and beverages for the better-for-you market, or using organic fresh produce, maximising the nutrition of the product is key.
Many cooking systems take 15-30 minutes to bring the entire batch to the required temperature. This extra heat exposure ensures the whole item is heated to the minimum temperature for food safety requirements, however, unnecessary heating may cause damage or deterioration to fresh ingredients, including expensive high quality organic ingredients.
This deterioration and impact undermine the investment and
commitment to achieving organic certification.
To maintain these health properties, it is logical for manufacturers to look to methods where products are processed in the most efficient manner to have the least impact on their goodness.
One way to achieve this is to use heat processing that only heats the product for the necessary amount of time.
Meaning, heat the product evenly and quickly, and hold at required temperature for the minimum amount of time, giving organic ingredients the best chance to maintain its goodness.
With Gold Peg’s RotaTherm
continuous cooker the product is taken to temperature in 10-15 seconds, held at that temperature as required – from a few seconds to a few minutes (product dependent) – and then cooled.
The RotaTherm process works with homogenous foodstuffs as well as particles (chunks) up to 25 millimetres such as vegetables cubes, sauces, and baby foods.
RotaTherm is an Australian invention, designed and manufactured in Melbourne and exported globally.
Gold Peg has more than 30 cooking solutions for food and beverage manufacturers. ✷
Gold Peg’s RotaTherm is an Australian invention.
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