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                  Lifting the lid
As one of Australia’s long-term supply partners to the food and beverage industry, Plasdene has released its new Glass Food Jar and Sauce Bottle Catalogue for its customers.
FOR more than 30 years, Plasdene Glass-Pak has been supplying glass and plastic bottles, jars, containers, closures, carton dividers, cans, flexible and bulk packaging to the food and beverage industry.
The Australian-owned and family operated company’s new Glass Food Jar and Sauce Bottle Catalogue brings its range to life in one central document. Plasdene managing director Ken Pearson says regardless of the customer’s need, the company has a solution.
“The diversity of our glass food jar and sauce bottle range means
that we have hundreds of off-the-shelf options to suit your requirements. Whether for an upcoming NPD launch, rebrand, premiumisation project or a completely bespoke requirement, our business development and sales teams can partner with your marketing and supply chain teams from start to finish in the innovation funnel,” Pearson says.
The company is a ‘one-stop shop’, offering rigid packaging in tray packs through to FCL and B-double scaled supply.
Pearson adds: “Our warehouse and logistics
Plasdene is a one-stop- shop Australia-wide.
solutions mean we can supply JIT direct to customers when you need it, manage seamless closed loop packaging, and can have a positive impact
on your cash flow by holding inventory, to minimise unnecessary investment.
“Our warehouse capability and blanket order process, together with our offer of trading terms to valued clients allows you to draw down stock only as you need it. Scaling up
or launching a new brand to market? We can support rapidly growing customers leveraging our global buying power, sophisticated supply lines, extensive stock range, clever logistics solutions for best speed to market supply outcomes.”
Plasdene is a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant. It also offers custom packaging and moulds in conjunction with its Business Development Unit. ✷
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