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   cutting with Zünd
Supplied by Starleaton, Zünd is manufacturing digital flatbed cutting systems for corrugated, bringing more efficient and flexible alternatives to die cutting, providing on-demand production, in house.
As the world pivots
to an on-demand personalised experience, print businesses and industry solutions manufacturers are coming up with innovation to meet the evolving market requirements.
In corrugated the rise of inkjet printing systems, which can produce short run on-demand version work, has focused thoughts downstream, to the finishing. Traditional die-cutting systems can be expensive, inflexible and time-consuming, however, Swiss- based flatbed cutter manufacturer Zünd, has developed its systems
– best known in this country for their sign and display work – for multiple applications, one of which is corrugated cutting, with the G3 and D3 dual beam cutters particularly suited to corrugated.
Starleaton CEO Ben Eaton says that if printers start thinking
of themselves as advanced manufacturers, who produce printed products, but could if required or desired turn their skills, and equipment, to multiple other applications, then they, and the industry as a whole, will be in a much better situation. Corrugated cutting, creasing and POS 3D construction are a few of the applications that print businesses with a Zünd can offer, the Zünd enabling them to offer a different service to traditional die-cutting.
Eaton says, “Print businesses
have a wealth of skill sets, from file handling and colour management to mechanical skills. A Zünd cutter for instance can be used for a range of applications, with print just one of them. If a printer can reorient their vision of themselves to one of an advanced manufacturer, then a range
of new markets and applications opens up.”
With its focus on innovation, Zünd has for decades been a driving force in the graphics industry. The ‘simple’ vinyl cutter/plotter of the past has evolved into a multifunctional digital cutting system, capable of accurately matching cut to print, while automatically processing
a multitude of flexible and rigid substrates.
The cutters are designed to work on a range of corrugated materials including Single wall, Double wall, Triple wall, B-Flute, E-Flute and F-Flute, from brands including Smurfit Kappa, Flapor, Mondi, Antalis, DSSmith, and Model.
For print business owners the Zünd systems can mean entry into corrugated cutting for minimal investment, in fact virtually any modern Zünd can cut corrugated, the only difference between the applications is the tooling, and Starleaton has a programme that allows tool rental, meaning dipping a toe in the water is a low-cost investment.
Dale Hawkins, senior manager Industrial at Starleaton says, “The new Zünd tool rental programme is an exciting development. It is part of Starleaton’s strategy to encourage its customers to see themselves as manufacturers of a broad range
of products rather than just as printers.”
Eaton says, “In order to assist print businesses to develop their non-print activities Starleaton has come up with a rental programme for any new tooling needed. For instance, if you win a contract for a $20,000 job, but the tool is $10,000, then instead of having to buy it, Starleaton will rent it to you. This
Corrugated cutting: Zünd flatbed
means that you can take the job, rent the tool, and see how it works out. If it turns into a regular order you may want to buy the tool. If it is one of a series of one-offs then renting means you can say yes to the job and make
a sustainable margin, without being left with a piece of equipment that you may not use again.”
For Zünd productivity is key. Its systems are designed to remove or reduce production costs including labour – and errors – as well as waste. They are geared for 24/7 production, and with no human activity there are no penalty rates, no sick days, and no overtime.
Zünd has several systems, including the Zünd D3 which has two cutting beams, which operate independently, meaning output
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