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   Hanglory offers
we have a mature yet innovative approach to doing business across the printing and packaging industries the world over.
“Constant innovation, a strong service and support ethic and a customer centric focus to everything we do, has enabled us to emerge as one of the pre-eminent suppliers
of market leading equipment, consumables and service to the printing and packaging industries and we will continue to push the boundaries.”
The commitment of Hanglory parent the Hanway Group to digital inkjet is writ large for all to see. With 206 patents, and operating
in 60 countries the company is a comprehensive industrial digital printing solution provider that focuses on digital inkjet printing technology, and integrates R&D, production, sales and after-sales service.
Jon Field says, “The Hanglory digital corrugated machines are
now a proven technology that have combined best in class printheads with engineering excellence and innovation to produce a single
pass corrugated digital inkjet print system which will enable its users to open up new markets in short run, just in time, versioned, on demand corrugated packaging, which are all unstoppable trend, enabling brands to align their packaged products with their target markets.
“The level of automation throughout means low labour requirements with high speed and productivity enabling fast throughput.
“The price point and the performance of the Hanglory corrugated printers a will prove seriously appealing to Australian and New Zealand packaging print businesses looking to grow their markets.”
As the world changes its requirements, and as just-in-time printing, versioning, low inventory levels, and simplicity become increasingly popular it seems the Hanglory digital inkjet corrugated printers are aiming to enable packaging printers to capitalise on just those requirements.
Field says, “For manufacturers
of corrugated board and packaging Hanglory will enable you to provide your clients with greater levels
of service and efficiency through digital inkjet technology by getting products to market faster and with more flexibility around SKUs.” 21
  price performance
With 50 systems already installed overt the last two years the Hanglory digital corrugated print systems – supplied here by Kissel + Wolf – are clearly hitting a nerve in the inkjet corrugated sector. Print21 editor Wayne Robinson reports.
Hanglory is a name that is new to the ANZ print packaging community, but the Chinese engineering
outfit is cutting a swathe though its domestic market, and in Europe and the Far East. In less than two years the company has installed more than 50 of its four and six-colour digital inkjet corrugated print systems, with approximately half of them in its home market, and half overseas.
The Hanglory corrugated system comes in two versions, the 1604 or the 2504, reflecting the different print sizes, and with a choice of CMYK or CMYK plus two spot colour channels.
Output on the 2504 can only be described as high, with the capability to print 17,773sqm of board each hour, with a maximum print width of 2160mm on boards of up to 2000x2500mm, and in thicknesses between 1-15mm. With end-to-end workflow integration the Glory 2504 incorporates a primer, the printing unit, a varnish unit, the dryer, a slotter and a handle-hole die-cutter.
Capable of printing an image of 2000x1345mm with 47248x31765 pixels in 600x600dpi – which gives a linear print speed of 100 metres a
Proven performance: Hanglory digital inkjet corrugated printing
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minute – the Glory uses the proven Kyocera high performance piezo electric printheads. The whole design is aimed at enabling on demand digital corrugated printing, and with no plates there is no changeover time between jobs.
Like its bigger brother the Glory 1604 will print on all kinds of substrates including Kraft, Mottled White and Coated White, with the aqua-based inkjet providing low cost printing, at speeds of up to 150 metres a minute in resolution up to 600 x 1200 dpi, with the Kyocera printheads, printing on boards up to 1600x2800mm, and thicknesses between 1.5-11mm.
Now following their uptake in the Chinese, European and Far Eastern markets the Hanglory digital corrugated systems are available here, through Kissel + Wolf, the local subsidiary of the German distribution, service and support business, that comes with the strongest of credentials in the packaging sector.
Jon Field, Kissel + Wolf sales
and business development director – Digital, says, “Many people in packaging wouldn’t know just how well Kissel + Wolf is positioned
to capitalise on the single pass corrugated board packaging market.
“Having a wealth of experience, and having not long ago celebrated
our 125th year anniversary,

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