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     can be doubled. Jobs are allocated automatically through the intelligent cutter controller software, with setup of knife cutting, routing, and creasing all automated. The Zünd
D3 can be complemented with
an automated lifting system, the BHS150, which loads and unloads the Zünd.
in new markets without having to pay the upfront cost of a new tool.
“If the pitch into the new application is successful, and the company wants to keep the tool, they can buy it at a discount, with a reduction based on a percentage of the rental they have paid. Essentially it cuts the cost and the risk of entering a new market.”
The rental programme is available for all tools for the Zünd cutters. Rental terms start at just one month. Hawkins says, “For those companies looking at new markets, for companies whose main tool needs repair while they still have job on, and for companies working in R&D, the new Starleaton tool rental programme
Zünd corrugated tools
There are six different corrugated cutting and creasing tools in the Zünd range, all of which
are integrated into the cutter with the universal carrier module, and will enable your Zünd to be used for corrugated cutting. They can all be rented, visit
Creasing Tool Type 1 - CTT1
The CTT1 is for processing single-wall corrugated board. The tool accommodates crease wheels with
a diameter of 61mm and a width of 20mm. Fully supported by the cutter software, the tool produces high-quality creases both with and against the corrugation without tearing or cracking the top sheet. The crease wheels simply snap into the holder, making them easy to insert and replace.
Creasing Tool Type 3 - CTT3
The CTT3 is designed for creasing double-wall and triple-wall corrugated board. Accommodates crease wheels with a diameter of 90mm and a width of 28mm. The tool produces high-quality creases both with and against the corrugation without tearing or cracking the top sheet. The crease wheels simply snap into the holder, making them easy to insert and replace.
Perforating Tool Type 1 - PTT
The PTT1 is designed to accommodate perforating blades. This tools can create perf lines more efficiently than an oscillating tool. Perforations are used, among other things, to facilitate folding/bending along crease lines. This allows for greater precision. In addition to traditional materials such as corrugated cardboard, folding carton, and PP (polypropylene), vinyl can also be perforated using this tool.
Pneumatic Oscillating Tool - POT
The Pneumatic Oscillating Tool is an air-driven tool suited for cutting tough, dense materials
but can also handle soft, thicker ones. The use of considerable air pressure in combination with an 8mm stroke gives this tool the force required for tough applications. The POT is available in two versions, with 0.6mm or 1.5mm thick blades. With sufficient beam clearance, it is possible to process materials up to 110mm thick.
Press Cutting Tool - PCT
The press cutting tool has been developed for economical cutting of corrugated cardboard up to a thickness of 7mm. During the cutting process,
a specially designed glide shoe compresses the material along the cut lines. The pressure exerted on the corrugated cardboard enables the use of drag knives and facilitates high processing speeds.
Universal Cutting Tool - UCT
The Universal Cutting Tool is for through-cutting various materials up to 5mm thick. Drag knives allow for high processing speeds. Compared to motor-driven tools, the UCT is inexpensive to purchase and maintain. A spring-loaded glide shoe permits cutting fine details. Optionally, a fixed glide shoe can be used for cutting at set depths.
  Eaton says, “The Zünd cutter
is best described as a Swiss army
knife, it can be used for multiple
applications, from core flute to
cardboard to MDF to metal and a
hundred other materials. For Zünd
users it means their potential market
is far bigger than just sign and
display. However, new applications
often require a different tool. The
new Starleaton rental programme
will enable Zünd users to go for work   will be really appealing.” 21
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