Page 85 - Food&Drink magazine November-December 2022
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                             An unparalleled approach to wastewater treatment
 SWA Water delivers tailored and site-specific wastewater solutions to Food & Beverage Processors, with innovation, quality and performance at the cornerstone of design.
Trusted in every industry, SWA Water is the unparalleled leader in wastewater treatment technology, renowned around the globe for reliable, effective and state-of-the-art solutions.
SWA Water provides compact and highly efficient Dissolved Air Flotation units with entirely unique features that can be tailored
to each individual site, manufacturing units for facilities as small as 10m3/d and as large as 7,200 m3/d.
SWA DAF Units For:
• Explosion-Proof
• Inert Gas (Dissolved Gas Flotation) • Hybrid CPI Oil Separator DAFs
• Sludge Thickening DAFs
• Clarifier DAFs
Constant innovation New technologies Cost savings
Unrivaled expertise Solution proposal Commercial viability
Australian made Proven product Factory testing
Robust Documentation Local Compliance Environmental ISO
Global supply Test & commission Quality assurance
Our trusted clients...
  If you are looking for a reliable and trusted wastewater solution, contact SWA Water today.
p. +61 2 9773 0845 e.

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