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Peters Ice Cream has partnered with third generation, family-owned fresh produce company, Montague, to create Rescue Pops – Plums Up, a frozen fruit sorbet stick made from rescued and repurposed premium Montague plums otherwise destined for landfill.
Stone fruits like plums are commonly rejected from supermarkets and go to landfill as they’re prone to bruising, are highly perishable and have limited opportunities for juicing or repurposing.
As well as saving imperfect Aussie plums from landfill, Peters will assist in closing the loop on food waste by funding 200,000 meals for Australians in need through Foodbank.
Rescue Pops – Plums Up sorbet sticks are naturally gluten-free, plant-based, with no artificial colours or flavours, and contain only
AvoFresh has launched its first guacamole product, Classic Guacamole, made with cold pressed avocado, onion, chilli, coriander, lime and sea salt.
AvoFresh Classic Guacamole is made on the De Paoli family farm just outside Bundaberg, Queensland, from hand-picked Australian avocados. The De Paoli family has been farming for more than 50 years in the Bundaberg and Childers region of Queensland.
It comes packaged in a resealable tub, is vegan friendly, gluten free, dairy free and contains no artificial colours or flavours.
AvoFresh is made using cold pressed, high-
 56 calories per serve. Woolworths will be exclusively ranging the product nationally for $8.50 RRP for an eight-pack.
   pressure technology to deliver products that can retain fresh natural taste and texture without additives, artificial flavours or colours.
AvoFresh Classic Guacamole is available in 160g tubs, for RRP $5.50 at Woolworths and independent supermarkets nationally. | November-December 2022 | Food&Drink business | 83
Yumi’s has released a range of cafe-style breakfast fritters, with a pack-to-plate time of half a minute.
The all-Australian ingredient range features two flavours – Sweetcorn and Thai Spiced.
The fritters are microwaveable, with a half a minute cook time, or pan-fried in 90 seconds.
Susan Booker, head of product innovation at Yumi’s, said, “Mid-week breakfasts are often a time challenge for even the most organised households. Our new breakfast fritters can go from pack to plate quicker than cereal, which makes them a great choice for nutrition-conscious families.”
Yumi’s fritter range is now available in Coles stores nationwide, with an RRP of $6.50.
Remedy has released a healthy energy drink alternative with K!CK, an all-natural, fruity flavoured version containing no sugar, but with 80mg of caffeine per can, it packs the same punch as a cup of coffee.
Remedy says that K!CK reflected the global trend towards cleaner energy drink options made without sugar or artificial ingredients.
K!CK is made using green coffee bean extract for its caffeine hit and Remedy’s kombucha, with its benefits of live cultures, antioxidants and organic acids.
The beverage has been created in Remedy’s new 5-star Green Star-rated fermentary in Melbourne, the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere and as big as the MCG.
Remedy K!CK comes in three flavours: Blackberry, Lemon Lime and Mango Pineapple and is available to purchase from 7-Eleven stores and independent supermarkets with an RRP of $4 per 250ml.

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