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Australian cereal and snacks company Carman’s has collaborated with coffee specialist, St. Ali, to create a Dark Choc Espresso Nut Bar.
Inspired by Melbourne’s coffee culture, the bar uses St Ali’s Wide Awake ground espresso coffee beans. These are then mixed with roasted nuts and seeds and topped with a dark choc drizzle for a natural energy boost.
Carman’s founder Carolyn Creswell said, “As a born and bred Melburnian, coffee has always been important to me, so it’s a thrill for me to collaborate with the iconic Melbourne coffee brand, St. Ali. We are very happy with the product we have been able to create together,” said Creswell.
Heinz has combined its iconic Tomato Ketchup and Seriously Good Mayo to create a brand new condiment, Saucy Sauce. The company said it was catering to the 43 per cent of Australians who admit to mixing their tom sauce and mayo at home.
Kraft Heinz senior brand manager Olivia Plymin said research showed consumers were becoming more adventurous with their taste buds each year.
“Both Aussies and Kiwis are becoming more adventurous with their taste buds each year, and at Kraft Heinz we wanted to provide a convenient solution for those taste explorers by combining two of our classic flavours into a new sauce option.
“It can be difficult finding that right balance of Ketchup and
  Mayonnaise, but the launch of Saucy Sauce now means you can enjoy both,” Plymin said.
Saucy Sauce comes in a 295ml squeezy bottle and is available nationally at Woolworths for RRP $5.00.
  Carman’s Dark Choc Espresso Nut Bar is available in the muesli bar aisle at Woolworths and Coles.
Following the launch of its Sparkling Margarita last summer, Jose Cuervo has released a Watermelon variety for summer 2022/23.
The Watermelon Sparkling Margarita features Jose Cuervo mixed with watermelon, lime, triple sec, and sparkling water. It can be enjoyed straight from the can or poured over ice.
Hayley Dixon, spirits specialist for Proximo, the distributor of Jose Cuervo, says, “We love how the watermelon flavour creates a fresh twist on one of Australia’s favourite cocktails, and with the added convenience of a can, the on-the-go premix is sure to be packed for many summer occasions.”
The Watermelon Sparkling Margarita is available in cases of 24, in single 330ml cans and four packs for RRP $25.00 from participating retailers.
From the team at Moon Dog that brought you the hard seltzer brand Fizzer, their latest offering is ready-to-drink (RTD) range Razzler Alcoholic Disco Nectar.
Three-time Australian Cocktail Bartender of the Year, Chris Hysted Adams, developed the five flavours: Passion Fruit, Orange Mango, Lemon Lime, Watermelon, and Apple Blackcurrant.
Razzler cans are 1.6 standard drinks with a 6% ABV. Each can has less than one gram of sugar, low calories, all natural fruit flavours and are vegan friendly. Razzler’s contain at least 30 per cent less sugar, calories and carbs than a regular RTD.
Orange Mango and Passion Fruit RAZZLER will be up for purchase as 4-packs, and all five flavours will be available in a Mixed 10-pack at independent bottle shops and online.
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