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 Greatest opportunity in a generation for local challenger brands
This is great news for the SA market and has created the greatest opportunity in the last 50 years for local brands and businesses who are brave enough to gain market share on the big boys. There is a window of opportunity for those who are prepared to tell their story in an emotive and authentic way to connect to customers like never before, because the customers are listening and responding
right now.
The national and internationals will fight back over time with their big budgets and unlimited resources, but the local brands who are prepared to be brave and take some risks will come out of this period better than when they went in and have a chance to win customers hearts and minds for the long haul.
It’s the most exciting time in decades to be part of the local ad business
It’s the most exciting time in decades to be part of the local ad business because opportunities are everywhere for clients and agencies that value ideas. Persuading people to want their products and services with sound strategy, advanced insights on customer behaviours
and creative that delivers.
We feel like we are at the peak of our
powers because we have a great team of people who think rather than process for a living. It’s always been tough in Adelaide to operate a successful agency. We have to do more with less and operate in a brutal industry that takes no prisoners. I’ve seen all the multinationals come and go from the Adelaide market over the last 30 odd years. All thinking that they will break through. None do!
Good ideas never go out of fashion
We are buoyant about the future because good ideas and hard work never go out
of fashion. I have seen and done almost everything in the Ad industry, but I have never had more energy than I have today to unleash our team to develop ideas that are going to create the next brand category champions in this market.
Most people working in Advertising know nothing about advertising
Unfortunately, most people who work in Advertising know nothing about advertising. We have an abundance of sales executives, artists, content creators, networkers, posers, web designers, pretenders, digital and social experts who have invaded the industry but very few actual advertising practitioners making it extremely difficult for clients to know who to trust.
Advertising is about persuading people to want things with a promise of benefit that customers believe in. Then delivering that benefit through the best media channels to reach the customer multiple times in a purchasing cycle. It’s simple, but not easy.
Drakes Supermarkets
challenger brand success
Drakes is the largest independent family owned supermarket group in Australia with over 60 stores in SA and Queensland. We partnered with Drakes in 2017 to provide all strategy, creative and media to launch their brand initially in Queensland in 2017, then in SA in 2019 as part of their decision to separate from the Metcash group and go it alone.
The creative campaign and fully integrated media strategy has been huge success. The challenge was to define Drakes as an independent supermarket group and develop a powerful campaign positioning that they could own up against bigger supermarket brands with well-established market positioning.
We developed the “Ingredients for Every Day” campaign which defines the core of
what Drakes provides their customers. Understanding their everyday needs, providing more range and choice, with
an emotional connection to products.
We Created a tone of voice that is friendly and familiar, relatable and trustworthy.
In 2020 we were first to market with a change of message matching the change in consumer sentiment to supporting locals by engaging with Drakes local suppliers with an emotive message delivered by the Drakes family and key supply partners.
The strength of the campaign has been demonstrated by its ability to grow and evolve, remaining fresh and relevant by adding personality, relatability and emotive connections. The integrated multichannel media campaign execution included television, bvod, out of home, path to purchase, catalogues, point of sale, behavioural and geo-targeted digital.
The results have been phenomenal with increased store visitation, increased basket sizes, brand awareness of over 60% from almost zero, record sales growth during 2020 and increased market share in SA and Queensland.
We blow our client’s trumpet
not our own
Office on Gilbert Street
Advertising is simple but not easy
We focus on a simple strategic framework with totally independent advice for every product or service of maximising awareness to the right targets, being relevant, driving trial of products or services and building advocacy of brands to provide a return on advertising investment.
With the simple philosophy of exploring new ideas, taking calculated risks, being remembered and relating to the audience using all media channels.

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