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                What are the big trends you are seeing from advertisers in the market going into 2021?
The market is still very short-term, with many changes being made before campaigns go live, this has put sustained pressure on all parts of our industry. However, in 2021 we must focus on finding the joy and fun of working in advertising again. Our industry is so creative and exciting with so many opportunities to drive growth and strengthen the economy and communities around Australia, so as we continue to work with our great clients and media partners in 2021, we need to embrace that and remember how lucky we are to work in such an interesting industry. Our clients now expect to see business impact and delivery from the mar- tech stacks that have been invested in, and so we’re increasingly draw- ing on the data, tech and martech capabilities of the wider GroupM and WPP group to deliver that. Businesses want to use their data better to respond to significant shifts in consumer behaviours and purchase journeys, particularly in response to the maturation of eCommerce in 2020.
Jamie Scott, managing director, Showpony
How would you describe the Adelaide advertising market? Agencies are busy which is good.
There’s also healthy competition which gives Adelaide clients amazing value when compared with other capital cities. Agencies like Showpony and TBWA are in a good position to make that comparison with offices in Melbourne and Adelaide. It’s a massive difference that makes me won- der why more big brands from the east don’t do their agency shopping in Adelaide. The Adelaide market is made up of a large number of inde- pendent agencies relative to other states. They tend to be small, fast and hard working because the principals have skin in the game.
Also, the virus had a smaller impact on Adelaide than other mainland cities and business seems to be recovering fast, certainly faster than in Melbourne. Look out for Adelaide, I think there will be a number of announcements coming out of that city that will surprise the rest of the country. The investment in tech industries is huge at the moment.
What sets it apart from other cities?
With a large number of independently owned, smaller agencies, com- petition is fierce. Agencies work really hard to keep clients happy ... really hard. I’m pretty sure the level of servicing that goes on in Adelaide would not be seen elsewhere. Adelaide also has a very strong production industry. Our post production is world class as illustrated by movies like Mortal Kombat and the Academy Award sitting in the Rising Sun offices (for the Sandra Bullock movie, Gravity). And Adelaide has incredible heritage in sound production due to the legacy of Street Rembly and all the people who started their careers with him.
How have you seen market spend change over the last year
with the pandemic?
It was quiet for the two months of the Adelaide lockdown - unless you were doing government comms - but things are pretty buoyant in Adelaide now. There’s a lot of activity because a huge number of clients are looking to ramp up comms post COVID. It feels like businesses are rediscovering the value of marketing and advertising. Now that a lot of the planning and creative work is done, the media should be starting to feel the impact of the increased activity now and into the next six months.
What are the big trends you are seeing from advertisers in the market going into 2021?
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