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Adelaide Amplified
Awash with stellar talent and home to brands known in households around the country and the rest of the world, Adelaide might be a smaller market than other capital cities but it is full of big thinkers and ideas.
industry’s brightest minds, Adelaide is a melting
pot for creativity and innovation. While it may be
smaller in size than its eastern seaboard counterparts,
the city is home to marketing masterminds such as
Professor Byron Sharp and Professor Karen Nelson-Field and global brands such as Sweat by Kayla Itsines and R.M. Williams.
Adelaide’s agency landscape is predominantly made up of independ- ents, alongside a few network agencies, some of whom bill through local businesses. Together they work with clients across a range of sectors from government to auto, education and finance. Ahead of AdNews Live: Adelaide Amplified, we spoke to agency leaders about what sets the market apart from others and what trends they are seeing across adland in 2021.
Matt Hofmeyer, managing director, Wavemaker Adelaide How would you describe the Adelaide advertising market?
We’re optimistic and energised. We suffered the same shocks in 2020 as the rest of Australia and the world, however our agencies, media and clients have all worked together to support each other. There has cer- tainly been a focus on maintaining relationships, which has meant we are well placed to continue the recovery we saw in Q4 into 2021. I also believe advances in creativity within the industry, and the quality of services our teams deliver will continue to be built upon.
What sets it apart from
other cities?
I think Adelaide has talent and creativity to match any other market in Australia, but what sets us apart in Adelaide is that we are a market built upon long term relationships, accountabil- ity and trust. Clients, agencies and the media all work closely to deliver amazing results for client businesses, and the long term relationships mean we can build on the success of previous work.
How have you seen market spend change over the last year with the pandemic? Naturally, spend was challenged in 2020, particularly in Q2 where the impact of COVID was felt most significantly here as it was in other Australian markets. While all marketers understand there was an opportunity to invest in brand communications when the market pulled back, and many did, we also saw many businesses prioritise protecting and retaining staff ahead of upweighting media spend. We’ve seen a strong recovery from around August 2020 which has carried through into 2021, how- ever the recovery is driven by certain sectors while others are still struggling to find the confi- dence to invest.
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