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   Tell us about your role...
I see my role as navigating the way forward for the team by ensuring a future fit Ryvalmedia Melbourne office, and ensuring our people are best equipped and supported to be able to lead and collaborate with our client partners in the digital economy.
How does Ryvalmedia differ from traditional media agencies?
It starts and stops with the people, although the people alone component is not what differentiates us from the rest as I’m sure most media agencies
would proclaim they have a great crew at the helm. However, from the outset Ryvalmedia was born with a blend of individuals who
possess a DNA deeply rooted across digital, tech and analytics, who collectively are tuned in to
help marketers either accelerate their in-house digital functions or provide holistic media consultancy that emanates from digital-first thinking. This, layered with our highly experienced executive team that has witnessed the traditional advertising space evolve rapidly,
is what I believe positions Ryvalmedia uniquely.
What is the best part about your job?
Learning something new from the team, and being invigorated by
the diverse tech-orientated talent who sit right next to me or are on the screen on our team Google Hangouts calls. I love the spark that Ryvalmedia has provided my career in not only the entrepreneurial aspect, but also absorbing new things from the bright minds across the floor — especially from the youngest members of our team — as
we create new streams of business growth for our clients across our digital media, tech, content and analytic-based communications initiatives.
What are your top goals/priorities for the business in 2021?
To capitalise on our continued momentum off the back of a wild 2020 that thankfully saw us thrive amid the craze of the pandemic.
We have aggressive growth ambitions in 2021 so one of my main priorities is to ensure our team infrastructures and talent capabilities are building in parallel to this. Above all is our relentless goal to well position our client partners for sustained business growth, in a period where they have all had to endure unprecedented headwinds and newfound opportunities at the same time.
   What does a typical day look like for you?
The only thing typical about my
day is that there is no typical day! Throughout my career, whether working client-side at Flight Centre Group, Coles Group or in the finance sector, or within the agency world,
I identified that working within digital always afforded the greatest variety of daily work challenges.
Currently, I find myself spending most days working as far ahead as possible — working with clients to plan ahead in key
areas such as digital strategy, data collection and storage, as well as staff recruitment and training.
In the same vein, we’re always working ahead with key platforms and partners to ensure our staff training and development is the best it can be so we can continue to offer the best consultancy and execution for our clients.
How will digital and performance marketing change this year?
I believe rather than change this year, digital performance marketing
will continue the evolution that has been at work for the past few years. The focus will be on understanding any impacts to digital platforms
on the back of continuing updates to privacy legislation, as well as assisting clients who are trying to integrate their digital activity into wider marketing activity to ensure they are getting
the most out of their marketing dollars and building as much data insight to plan for the future.

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