Page 48 - AdNews Magazine Jan-Feb 2021
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      True blue ads
Nothing says true blue for people who grew up in Australia like these dinky-di brands. But as they revamp their advertising, do they still hold the same clout today? AdNews asked creatives to share their thoughts on campaigns from several iconic Aussie brands.
Innocean creative director
Like larrikinism and lamingtons, certain brands are part of Australia’s national identity. When you have such a rich heritage, the temptation to fall back on a brand’s tried-and-true asset, like We Love Our Little Vegemites, will always be there. Hats off to the brands which attempt to evolve.
                 Creative Review
BMF group creative director
As an expat in Australia, my relationship with iconic Aussie brands is somewhat neutral. They didn’t populate my childhood; jingles weren’t hummed, flavours weren’t formative, logos weren’t collected. They don’t colour my nostalgia at all so these ads are something like an anthropological study of my new-ish home.
The Works creative director
We spend most of our careers building brands, vying for scraps of affection, hoping we find our place in Australians’ hearts. These are some of the brands the nation is deeply
in love with, therefore there’s high expectations of them. Thanks to all those involved for finding new ways to keep the old flames burning.

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