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   Tell us about your role...
As group media director I would say my role is unique in
that no day is the same. From pitching
to onboarding, finance to
mentoring, the list goes on! I am
very fortunate to be able to
dabble in many different areas and work alongside our
fabulous team.
What attracted you to joining Ryvalmedia?
The opportunity to be a part of something from the very beginning doesn’t come around very often. Ryvalmedia had a unique offering and a great group of people which made the decision a no-brainer for me. And, of course, the chance to work with Joseph and Simon again!
What are the biggest challenges clients face in 2021?
The challenge for businesses that thrived in the past 12 months is
to maintain revenue trajectory
and cement these behaviours (eg, ecommerce). On the flip side, businesses which struggled in 2020, such as hospitality and tourism, will be fighting to get back in the black in an extremely competitive time.
If you could work in another role in the business, what would it be?
I find David Gaskill’s role as managing director of Foxcatcher hugely appealing because every time he walks out of a meeting, clients are left “wowed” with his knowledge and expertise in data and tech.
   Why did you join Foxcatcher?
I joined Foxcatcher because the industry is awash with expensive data and technology which go largely underutilised, and I wanted to help brands simplify and understand what really matters: their customers. Foxcatcher is an opportunity to take a fresh look at how we build this understanding and insight, and help clients deliver real world outcomes
and success through connected strategy and execution.
What’s the biggest challenge in your role?
The evolution of flexible working has transformed our
industry, and there is no shortage of digital collaboration and productivity platforms we can harness, but it’s about getting the balance right to integrate these into our working lives as second nature. In many ways, the opportunity to sit down with great clients and have a real-time feedback
loop actually helps us be more efficient, so one of the biggest challenges of 2021 will be ensuring we harness the best
of both worlds and get into
a productive rhythm that continues to deliver
creative business solutions
for our clients.
How important is marketing data and technology for brands in 2021? 2021 will be a step-change opportunity for brands that
get data and technology right. 2020 saw some of the largest transformations in consumer behaviour not only across ecommerce, but how we consume, research and interact with our friends and family. Businesses
that take a strategic approach
to learning from customers
to unlock new insight and activations will not only establish the strongest brands, but position themselves to accelerate as the digital landscape continues to transform and reform in 2021. | January/February2021 47

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