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 November-December 2021 |
on plastics circularity
The hard truth is plastic has a place in all our lives. But that place should not be in our environment, or at the expense of it.”
and safety, given the recycled plastics on the market do not always perform as well as virgin plastics.
Our hope is that over time this will change as more manufacturers like us insist on prioritising recycled materi- als. In Australia, shoppers can look out for our bottles of OMO laundry liquid, Dove and TRESemmé bottles, which contain between 25-70 per cent recycled plastic and rising.
Despite being a leader in this space, weknowwehavealongwaytogoona
global scale. Right now, we are sitting at 11 per cent recycled plastic content, but our aim is to move quickly and scale this to 25 per cent by 2025.
It will take a collective effort to change a world in which virgin plastic
reigns king. The good thing is many have shown the collective will to make this happen. As we learn how to encour- age a marketplace for quality recycled plastic, we make it truly possible to keep plastic out of the environment. ■

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