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                                                      LOOKING FOR A RECYCLING GRADE HOTMELT FOR
Introducing Technomelt EM 598 RE for Fully Recyclable PET Bottles
At Henkel, we are committed in ensuring that our adhesive plays an important role in sustainable packaging. The use of recycling enhancing raw materials in our formulation contributes to the circular economy and positively impacts carbon reductions in many cases. Our TECHNOMELT EM 598 RE, an alkali dispersible hotmelt for fully recyclable PET Bottles, is a great example of this.
Commitment to Recyclability and Performance:
• 98% removal of adhesives from PET bottle using pressure sensitive technology
• Enhancing and securing user experience
• Good adhesion at a wide temperature range allowing
for wide process parameters and differing storage
• Superior bonding performance
• Compliant with the FDA indirect food additives
regulation 21 CFR 175.105 ‘Adhesives’
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