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1FOODMACH WINS PERNOD RICARD TURNKEY LINE PROJECT Foodmach has been awarded the contract to
install an Industry 4.0-enabled turnkey filling line for global wine company Pernod Ricard
Treasury Wine Estates highlights its progress on
sustainable packaging, waste management, collaboration with Orora, and commitment to a
3low carbon economy. (See p7)
WEET-BIX ADOPTS AUSTRALASIAN RECYCLING LABEL Weet-Bix packs will include the ARL, indicating the
brand’s commitment to
sustainability with 100% 4recyclable packaging.
PRAISE SHIFTS TO 100% RPET PACKAGING Goodman Fielder’s bottles and jars for Praise Mayo and Aioli are now made by
Pact Group using 100% 5recycled PET. (See p6)
APCO LAUNCHES SUSTAINABLE PACK ROADMAP FOR DAIRY APCO, in partnership with Dairy Australia and the
ADPF, has published a sustainable packaging roadmap for the dairy industry to fuel the sector's push towards the 2025 National Packaging Targets.
6(See p9)
Pact Group is partnering with Goodman Fielder’s
Meadow Fresh brand to launch the first recycled HDPE milk bottle in NZ. (See p17)
TricorBraun enters ANZ with Cormack purchase
US-HEADQUARTERED global pack- aging supplier, TricorBraun, has established its footprint in Australia and New Zealand through the purchase of Sydney- based Cormack Packaging.
Cormack will operate as Cormack Packaging, a TricorBraun company. The deal enables Cormack to expand its access to new packaging technology and innovation for its customers across Australia and New Zealand.
Family-owned and operated, Cormack Packaging has supplied the ANZ market with rigid pack- aging for more than 80 years, serving the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care, industrial and household clean- ing industries.
All Cormack team members, including managing director
Mathew Cormack and the compa- ny’s executive team, will remain with TricorBraun. The team will continue to work out of the com- pany’s existing locations across Australia and New Zealand.
“I am truly excited for the opportunities this brings to bet- ter serve this region’s customers,” said Mathew Cormack. “Sharing like values, as well as a common passion and commitment to be the best partner for our valued customers, makes TricorBraun the ideal home for us to thrive.”
Established in the US in 1902, TricorBraun serves consumer packaged goods companies, from cutting-edge start-ups to the world’s most iconic brands. The company has more than 1200 dedicated team members work- ing in more than 60 locations
across the Americas, Asia, and Europe.
The acquisition of Cormack Packaging marks TricorBraun’s first entry into Australia. President and CEO Court Carruthers said that the com- pany “looks forward to helping the team continue its strong growth while serving custom- ers with innovative and quality packaging solutions”.
The acquisition comes at a time when global supply chains are being pushed to the limit by the pandemic, weather extremes, and shifting customer purchasing patterns. The move will enable Cormack to lever- age TricorBraun’s robust supply chain network. This network includes more than 1000 US and international vendors and
meet production demands that was reasonably priced.
Anderson said that exten- sive R&D was involved in the bottle development in partner- ship with Pact. The company trialled different percentage levels of recycled content: 30, 50 and ultimately, 100 per cent. He said overcoming the challenge of discolouration that can at times occur with rPET was important, because the mayonnaise product is white, and this would impact the visual appearance of the brand on shelf. Another factor was that on the production line, the visual inspection systems would reject discoloured bottles.
“It’s been a long journey to get us to this exciting point of hav- ing a bottle and jar made locally from 100 per cent post consumer recycled PET,” he said.
“Sustainable packaging is about more than simply recycling a prod- uct; it’s about building a circular economy by buying back products made from recycled materials. Now with every bottle or jar of Praise Mayo and Aioli that Aussies buy, they can help their packaging live on simply by recycling it.” ■
  Praise shifts to 100% rPET packaging
 FOOD manufacturer Goodman Fielder has changed the pack- aging for Praise Mayo and Aioli, with bottles and jars now made by Pact Group using 100 per cent recycled PET and marking an Australian-first in the mayon- naise category.
With 12.4 million bottles of Praise consumed across Australia every year, the shift to recycled packaging will save 380 tonnes of virgin plastic every year. The jars, bottles and caps
ABOVE: In Praise of rPET: Goodman Fielder and Pact Group shared a two-year R&D journey.
are also 100 per cent recyclable. Goodman Fielder head of sustainability Mick Anderson said the company has been working on this project for close on two years. He said the challenges included finding an Australian source of sufficient volumes of the post-consumer, food-grade, recycled PET to

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